Vegan Diet: Vegan Diet Recipes To Increase Healthy And Get Fit by Kathy Morgan

Vegan Diet Recipes To Increase Healthy And Get Fit

Vegan diet: vegan diet recipes to increase healthy and get fit


This book will save you hours of searching the internet trying to work it all out for yourself as we have it all laid out for you inside in an easy to follow format and, what's more, this book is packed with inspiration and motivation to keep you going on the right track.

Follow this diet and workout plan and not only will you put on muscle but naturally you will quickly lose weight and gain heaps of newly found energy in the process.

In this book you will find an easy guide to the vegan diet and workout plan; one which can be started by anyone no matter their previous experience with veganism, dieting or exercise regimes. You will discover the exact steps you need to take to become a healthier, fitter and leaner version of yourself!

Presented to you with recipes, as well as exercise/ workout routines, hints and tricks, and some of the most successful proven strategies to build a fit and healthy body on a vegan diet

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Sample text:

There’s always someone out there to spoil the party! Vegetarian eating has its fair share of mistruths that we are going to debunk once and for all. Time to get to the facts on the vegetarian diet.

Myth 1 - There’s no protein in plant sources

Straight up that’s a heck of a lot of hogwash. Almost every natural food out there has a least a little bit of protein. Where the confusion arises is that in general animal sources have more protein than plant ones. On top of that most plant sources have incomplete proteins. So you have to eat them in combination to provide your body with all the protein it requires to stand strong.

Choosing every day to eat a wide variety of nuts and seeds, legumes, and soy milk products will give you all the protein you need to get healthy!

Myth 2 - Forget the gym if you’re eating a vegetarian diet

If baseball all-star Hank Aarons and tennis sensation Venus Williams are vegetarian I don’t think you have to worry about this eating style interfering with your gym routine. Truth is getting enough protein to build lean muscle when you’re training is a little more difficult when you aren’t eating meat, but it’s definitely possible. It just takes a good understanding of what vegetarian eating is and making sure you are giving your body all the 20 amino acids it needs for complete protein to use for energy.

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