Vegan Diet: Vegan Diet For Beginners With Simple Recipes (Healthy And Lean) by Francisco Yatsyk

Vegan Diet For Beginners With Simple Recipes (Healthy And Lean)

Vegan diet: vegan diet for beginners with simple recipes (healthy and lean)


A vegan diet means that you eat no animal products containing dairy products. Eradicating what makes up the majority of foods used up in the typical American diet can be extremely overwhelming. My first suggestion is transition in steps and don’t do it all at once. Take a slow start.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Having a nourishing breakfast will provide you with the necessary energy you need to keep going through the day. In the busy world that we live in, a cup of coffee, toasted bagel, or sugary cereals are the usual go-to breakfast options. Not only are these foods deficient in nutrients but they are unhealthy as well. What if you could whip up delicious plant-based breakfast for yourself within a couple of minutes? Well, this book will help you in doing so.

This book will make your life simpler. All the recipes mentioned in this book are vegan-friendly, and they aren’t time-consuming. You needn’t spend hour after hour in your kitchen cooking food, especially at the end of a long and tiring day. Simply follow the instructions given and, within no time, you will be able to cook delicious and healthy vegan food. All that you need to do will be to gather all the necessary ingredients and stock up your pantry.


If you are ready to take action and change your life for the better, this book will definitely guide you in the right direction!


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Sample text:

Vegetarians do not eat poultry, fish and meat. On the other hand, vegans apart from being vegetarians, they do not eat or use animal products and its by-products which include dairy products, eggs, honey, fur, leather, wool, silk, soaps and cosmetics which are derived from animal products.


More and more people prefer to live life as a vegan for different reasons – ethical, environmental and health. For instance, some vegans feel that if one consumes dairy products and eggs, it is tantamount to promoting the meat industry. Once the egg-laying chickens or the dairy cows are too old to become productive, they are usually sold in the market as meat. Since male calves are not capable of producing milk, they are raised for other purposes or for veal. There are people who want to stay away from these items because of the situations linked with its production.


The number of people choosing to live as a vegan is increasing - and with good reason. They want to promote a caring and humane world, trying their best to do their part. They are not being judgmental of other people, so there shouldn’t be strained conversations during dinner parties when vegans are around.


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