Vegan Diet: Vegan Diet Dessert Recipes To Adopt Vegan Lifestyle by Julieanna Pierre

Vegan Diet Dessert Recipes To Adopt Vegan Lifestyle

Vegan diet: vegan diet dessert recipes to adopt vegan lifestyle


The vegan diet is easily one of the healthiest diets in the world and for good reason. Not only does it help in cutting down on the existing fat in your body but also enhances your disease fighting capacity. It is designed to provide people with a complete solution to their weight loss issues and aid with the slimming down process. 

However, when people hear of Vegan diet, they always ask, ‘where do I get my protein intake from?’ but the fact is plant-based products have ample proteins, and if you cook your food with the right ingredients – plant based proteins are more than enough to build a lean body.

The Vegan diet was created to help vegetarians enjoy vegan versions of popular comfort foods. If you miss being able to enjoy Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Pasta Alfredo, Mu Shu, Schnitzel, or an old fashioned Chicken with Dumplings, then this book is for you! Why spend a small fortune to purchase vegan versions of your favorite comfort foods when you can make all of these products for just a fraction of the cost from within the comfort of your own kitchen? Enter the pages of The Unintentional Vegan and join me for an exploration of the fascinating world of vegan cuisine.

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Sample text:

In the first chapter, I’ll be explaining to you EVERYTHING that I wish I knew before embarking on this adventure.. and I mean everything!

There were a LOT of things I wasn’t prepared for when switching my diet.

I wasn’t prepared for the huge shift in food volume, the questions/concerns I received from family and friends, the troubles of eating out at restaurants and family gatherings, the art of reading the labels of pre-packaged foods, the common detox symptoms, the common deficiencies that vegans tend to face, or the ridicule from anti-vegans.

I simply wanted to make the transition to help my body heal itself, but little did I know, this transition will revolutionize all areas of your life.

It’s a bit of a culture shock to say the least.. and you’ll be realizing it very soon!

That’s why I created this e-book for you! I want you to know everything you need to know so your vegan transition is as smooth as possible.

So, this first chapter will be going over the most important aspects of the vegan lifestyle that should be noted before you make the transition. These following sections will act as your roadmap in setting you up for a successful transition!

Know Your “WHY”

Whether your WHY (purpose) for becoming a vegan is to become healthier, to help protect the environment, or to save the animals from exploitation, IT DOESN’T MATTER!

Every vegan has their own reason, and that’s fine. Once people make the transition, they eventually widen their reasoning to WHY they made the change in the first place.

So, it’s good to know your initial reason, because this helps you show empathy for people who may be transitioning for the same reason.

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