Vegan Diet: Vegan Dessert Recipes To Eat by Erica Stevenson

Vegan Dessert Recipes To Eat

Vegan diet: vegan dessert recipes to eat


The vegan diet is actually a better option as it is not only low in saturated fat and cholesterol but it is filled with enough protein and fiber to fulfill the daily requirements for nutrients. With this diet it is much easier to maintain the levels of glucose in the blood. 

This book is a must have for every diabetic (not necessarily vegans alone) as it is an extremely beneficial option if one is to remain healthy and happy. The plant based diet is nothing to balk at and the way to make the transition if you are not vegan is also outlined.

There's of course a common perception that vegetarian diet plans are unexciting and boring, and this couldn't be more wrong. The fact that there's a wide variety needed and available for a balanced vegetarian breakfast makes recipe choices very interesting and limitless particularly in creative space. Start your day right with a healthy vegetarian diet by considering the following;
Liquid Breakfast. It is imperative to have fluids in the morning so as to hydrate the body and prepare it for the day. 

If you are ready to take action and change your life for the better, this book will definitely guide you in the right direction!


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Veganism has become very popular in recent times, as people realize just how unhealthy society’s eating habits have become. We are a meat-loving culture, and sadly, go to unethical lengths to get the meat we crave. Because of health concerns, ethical concerns, or both, more people are deciding to give up meat and, differing from vegetarians, all animal products. Their diet shifts to one based on whole grains, vegetables, fruit, beans, nuts, seeds, and vegan versions of popular foods. 




When did veganism start?  


Evidence for veganism has existed for 2,000 years, but the movement didn’t have an official platform until the 1940’s. Donald Watson, an English vegetarian who did not consume dairy, met with five others who shared his vision to talk through ways to spread their message. They disliked the label “non-dairy vegetarians,” because it was clunky, and ended up deciding on “vegans.” The Vegan Society was born. Watson is considered the father of modern veganism, and until his death at age 95, he advocated for organic farming and pacifism.

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