Vegan Diet: Simple Vegan Recipes For Everyone To Stay Healthy (Fit Lifestyle) by Alex Clarke

Simple Vegan Recipes For Everyone To Stay Healthy (Fit Lifestyle)

Vegan diet: simple vegan recipes for everyone to stay healthy (fit lifestyle)


There are plenty of health benefits that a vegan diet has to offer. It can be made use of for losing and maintaining weight loss, controlling the levels of blood sugar, reducing the risk of type-2 diabetes, improving heart health, reducing the risk of certain cancers, enhancing the functioning of your kidneys and much more! 

In this hectic world that we live in, time is a major constraint. It is also the main reason why people aren’t able to follow a proper diet. The fear of prepping and cooking a meal discourages most from even trying a new diet. Well, you can now put these concerns to rest. You needn’t worry. This book will make your life simpler.All the recipes mentioned in this book are vegan-friendly, and they aren’t time-consuming. Simply follow the instructions given, and within no time, you will be able to cook delicious and healthy vegan food. All that you need to do is gather all the necessary ingredients and stock up your pantry. Once you have done this, you are good to go. 

You can also refer to the book for healthy vegan diet recipes if you are aiming for a vegan diet plan that will help you achieve a vegan weigh loss: low fat applesauce chocolate cake, sugar-free chocolate frosting and low fat vegan raspberry chocolate brownies.

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Sample text:

As already mentioned, I am not a dietician nor a nutritionist. For this reason, you should not interpret my words as medical directions but as real advice. For those who follow a diet, it is important to have a precise program to follow so as not to leave anything to chance. Use the following for a good starting point.


The Vegan Diet consists of 5 meals: 3 basic meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner), and 2 snacks (the first snack between breakfast and the second snack between lunch and dinner). Depending on your school or work commitments, you can skip the morning snack as long as it is replaced by a much more abundant breakfast. Often, for work reasons or various commitments, you may not have time to have a snack mid-morning. For this reason, always have a hearty breakfast. Breakfast is a meal that is enormously underestimated. In fact, it is one of the main meals that can give you the right energy boost to face the day. Finally, remember not to overburden your body, especially if you also perform medium-high intensity physical activities. For this reason, do not follow this long diet for a long time. Two or three weeks will be enough time to see favorable results.

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