Vegan Diet: Simple Meal Plan To Detox Your Body by Christian Fawn

Simple Meal Plan To Detox Your Body

Vegan diet: simple meal plan to detox your body


The decision to become a Vegan is one that more and more people are making these days. Whether it be to support animal rights in some way, or to enjoy the many benefits of eating a healthier diet, adopting a Vegan lifestyle is a decision that should not be taken lightly.

Most people are apprehensive about adopting the vegan diet considering the large number of myths that surround the concept. People believe that vegans have to deal with a very restricted ingredient list and make dishes that lack flavor. However, this is just a myth and one that has absolutely no truth to it. Vegans have available food substitutes for almost every kind of available. In addition to being healthy, it is also better for the environment and also prevents animal cruelty. This book details Mediterranean diet recipes for Vegans.

If you are ready to take action and change your life for the better, this book will definitely guide you in the right direction!

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Sample text:

Migas is a traditional Texan-Mexican dish that is made with corn tortillas and eggs. This tweaked version is best served with black beans. This recipe is enough to make 4 servings.

Salsa Ingredients:

•   6 pieces of ripe tomatoes

•   4 serrano chiles (can be substituted with jalapeño)

•   2 cloves of unpeeled garlic

•   a couple of tablespoons of sunflower seed oil

•   half a teaspoon of salt

Migas Ingredients: 

•   1 14-ounce water-packed soft tofu

•   3 corn tortillas (strips)

•   a teaspoon plus a tablespoon of canola oil

•   half a teaspoon of smoked paprika

•   2 finely diced serrano chiles (or jalapeño)

•   4 chopped scallions

•   2 plum tomatoes (diced)

•   half a teaspoon of kosher salt

•   1/4 cup of chopped fresh cilantro

•   8 corn tortillas (warmed)

•   half a cup of shredded non-dairy cheese

•   a pinch of ground turmeric.

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