Vegan Diet: Protein Rich Vegan Diet Recipes by Jacqueline Miller

Protein Rich Vegan Diet Recipes

Vegan diet: protein rich vegan diet recipes


This book could be helpful if you want to lose weight. This book can be helpful if you want a complete solution with all the things you will need in your kitchen, what staples to have on hand, and menu plans to get you started. Even if you just want recipes, this book will give you basic recipes that are healthy, inexpensive and easy to prepare. What do you have to lose?

For those of us who have been reading and listening to news regarding health and diet, your attention must have been drawn to the contentious issues of whether or not to consume animal products. The debate rages from how much to consume, what to avoid, what to take in moderation and it seems to go on and on. Is it not tiring, to believe in one thing and be led to another supposed truth shortly afterwards? If you want to learn everything about the vegan diet, then this book is what you need.

If you are ready to take action and change your life for the better, this book will definitely guide you in the right direction!

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Sample text:

What does a vegan’s pantry and fridge look like? When you go to the store, what should you stock up on? Here is a sample list you can use as a reference, so if you ever feel like you’re running out of options, take a look back and see how varied a vegan diet can really be. 


Canned/dry beans (especially lentils and chickpeas)  
Whole grains/flours (quinoa, brown rice, white rice, almond flour, all-purpose flour, rolled oatmeal, steel-cut oats, seitan)  
Nuts (walnuts, cashews, almonds, pine nuts)  
Dried fruit (dates, dried cranberries, prunes, raisins)  
Fresh fruit (whatever is in season, bananas, apples, lemons)   
Fresh vegetables (whatever is in season)
Canned/frozen vegetables (tomatoes, corn, carrots, peas, green beans)  
Non-dairy milks (almond milk, soy milk)  
Pickled vegetables (jalapenos, pickles
Apple cider vinegar
Vegetable broth
Nutritional yeast
Maple syrup
Agave syrup  

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