Vegan Diet: Increase Vitality And Improve Health With Vegan Diet by Rachel Anderson

Increase Vitality And Improve Health With Vegan Diet

Vegan diet: increase vitality and improve health with vegan diet


This vegan cookbook contains a variety of easy to make soups, stews, chilies and other meals you can make using one pot or a slow cooker. These vegan one pot recipes are great for beginner vegan cooks, or vegans who do not have time to cook a complicated meal. All you have to do is add the ingredients into a pot and cook. 

This vegan cookbook, contains a wide range of delicious vegan recipes all vegans will love. Good luck and we hope you enjoy this one pot vegan cookbook!

Welcome to a collection of flavorful vegan recipes that are all strictly plant-based. Inside you will see various types of recipes that can all be made with your favorite kitchen appliance whether its a cast iron,crockpot,or pressure cooker. A very important factor in everyone's diet is eating clean meals without losing taste and texture,especially with a plant based diet.Vegan Dump dinners not only keeps the recipes dairy free and meatless its shows how everyday herbivore meals can be enjoyable and diverse on an everyday basis. Witness a long list of diversified meals filled with essential vegan dietary needs that will power you through the day.

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Keywords: Vegan Diet, vegetarian diet, vegan recipes, detox, weight loss, ketogenic diet, low carb recipes

Word Count: 10424

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Sample text:

Any vegan or vegetarian knows that when you put our views about diet ‘out there’, there’s a good chance of getting negative feedback. When you mention veganism on social media you will probably get some pretty caustic and/or hate-based remarks. People sound really angry, which can be hard to understand. It’s as though people are afraid of losing their rights to eat meat, or think we are criticizing the way they eat by being vegan. At least that’s the feeling I get when I see some of the comments left for vegans active in online community forums.


Being aware of this before you become a vegan is helpful and letting the haters have their say without it affecting your day is essential. Don’t fall into that hate. It feels awful and the whole point of veganism is to feel good. Surrounding yourself with supportive people (they don’t have to be vegan!) is a good life habit and is even more important when you decide to eat differently from those around you.


How The Media And Our Own Gullibility Has Affected Our Diet

As the abundance of factory farmed meat in the twentieth century grew tremendously while the U.S. reached new heights of prosperity, this was first viewed as a sign of a successful nation. Now that the health effects of a meat based diet, the large scale cruelty dealt to factory farmed animals, and the effect of mega farms on our environment have come to light, eating meat everyday is no longer a sign of prosperity. Yet still we are currently upholding a longstanding national policy in which our government subsidizes the meat and dairy industry. Americans continue to buy into it like the obedient TV watchers we are. The preponderance and continuance of meat-based diets can only be viewed as caused by a dislike or fear of change, gluttony, diet-induced lethargy or just plain stupidity

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