Vegan Diet: Healthy Cookbook With 90+ Recipes by Tyler Reyna

Healthy Cookbook With 90+ Recipes

Vegan diet: healthy cookbook with 90+ recipes


The only problem, though, is that most ketogenic recipes are meat based, creating plenty of other problems, especially for those who prefer a mostly plant-based vegetarian diet.

A Vegetarian diet is extremely beneficial for your skin, weight-loss, aging, energy, and vitality. Moreover, animals and the environment thrive from it, too. By going through this simple process, you make an outstanding impact on your health, well being, and the world. Yet, sometimes being a vegetarian and going on a diet can be frustrating…

So, if you are tired of going through endless keto recipes, only to find out that they do not suit your vegetarian lifestyle, you’re at the right place, because this book will reveal the secrets of eating a meatless diet while staying in ketosis and losing weight

Most of the time people say that Vegans don’t get enough protein in their diet and are therefore deficient, you will soon learn that the opposite is true with these 52 recipes.
This Cookbook contains 52 Original Vegan Breakfast Meals that would make you drool just by reading them out. Following these recipes, everyone would easily want to become a Vegan!

Do not wait longer to discover YOUR KEY to a new and better life.


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In the simplest terms, a vegan diet refers to a set of dietary rules which preaches abstinence from food derived from animal products. People chose to become vegetarians for several reasons, including ethical, health, political, environmental, cultural and economic concerns. While most vegans have taken on a plant-based diet because of compassion for animals, there’s a new wave of vegans who have accepted the diet strictly for the nutritional benefits. In an era where global warming is a major concern, it is becoming increasingly common to find those choosing a vegan diet for environmental reasons. It is estimated that farmed livestock accounts for approximately fifteen percent of greenhouse gasses, which attribute to climate change. Time Magazine notes that a vegan or vegetarian diet could cut those emissions by 70% and 63%!


In addition to consumption of animal products, “ethical vegans” also avoid the use of animal products like skin (leather or fur), feathers, and other things that cause animal suffering during production. 

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