Vegan Diet: Get Slim With Healthy And Nutritious Food by Jolinda Franklin

Get Slim With Healthy And Nutritious Food

Vegan diet: get slim with healthy and nutritious food


If you want to live a healthier lifestyle, lose weight and stay fit then the safest way and guilt-free is to go on a Vegan Diet.

This book provides you with a brief history of how veganism originated, the reasons why you need to adopt veganism, the benefits, vegan replacements for the commonly used dairy products and eggs, a do’s and don’ts guide and of course a bunch of delicious and healthy vegan recipes that will help you kick start your diet.

Finally there’s a book that deals specifically with adopting a vegan diet and making progress towards Barbell Training. What was once an oxymoron (being vegan and strong) is now a reality. Many of today’s top strength athletes are breaking records following a plant-based diet.

If you would like some great one liners, smart ass answers and awesome replies to the most common questions asked of people eating a low fat raw vegan diet then check out this book.


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Sample text:

If you still feel doubtful about going vegan, even with all those benefits outlined in the previous section, some real research on veganism will have you dancing to the vegan tune. 

Here are some current randomized controlled veganism and healthy diet studies:


This study included 300 obese children and their parents where they randomly follow an American Heart Association (AHA) diet or vegan diet for 4 weeks. 

From the study, the children who followed the vegan diet lost 67 pounds in the course of the 4 weeks, which was 197% more than the weight lost by those in the AHA group. They also reduced their total LDL cholesterol levels and systolic blood pressure while the AHA groups did not.

The parents on the vegan diet also lost 3.5 pounds more than parents who adopted the AHA diet.   

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