Vegan Diet: Delicious Vegan Diet Recipes For Improved Performance by Jason Thomas

Delicious Vegan Diet Recipes For Improved Performance

Vegan diet: delicious vegan diet recipes for improved performance


This book will prove that the vegan cooking is not boring, and you will learn how to make different vegetable pancakes, delicious puddings, variety of “scramble eggs”, and something more substantial, for those who are having physically demanding job or hitting gym. 

That is where the slow cooker comes in! It is so easy for you to use and can save a lot of time and headache when you get home. Instead of trying to find the time between work, school, activities, and everything else in order to make a delicious vegan meal, you can just throw it all in and have everything waiting for you whenever you happen to stumble through the door that night. How great does that sound?

Vegetarians find it tremendously difficult when they are on diets. They find it challenging to obtain the right amount of proteins making it extremely difficult to stay healthy and fit. People who consume meat may go ahead and tell them that there is no vegetarian food on this planet, which provides the same amount of proteins that meat does. But, boy, were they wrong! This book contains proven steps and strategies on how you, a vegetarian, can get your fill of proteins with ease! 

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Sample text:

Eating any healthy diet is likely to prevent a number of diseases, other than their health benefits. A vegan diet, in particular, plays a significant role in the prevention many diseases.


The vegan diet is known to help deal with heart complications since most of the heart problems arise from fat-induced lifestyle and eating unhealthy foods. However, nuts and whole grains which are a large part of vegan diet significantly help to improve on a cardiovascular health. It helps to eliminate meat and dairy products from your diet.


Not having control over how much meat a person eats also leads to the development of cholesterol, which unfortunately, is a lifelong condition that will impose many limitations on our lifestyle. However, eliminating meat intake by following a vegan diet is sure to eliminate the risk of developing cholesterol, and is even an excellent dietary approach for those who already have cholesterol and are seeking to exercise control over it. Not to mention, good cholesterol levels also help keep the heart healthy.


And then there are blood pressure problems which can be easily managed through vegan dietary approaches. For one, vegetables are commonly rich in fibers, potassium, calcium, and magnesium, all of which control blood pressure levels. Moreover, whole grains, which constitute a great part of the vegan diet, help to lower blood pressure.


We all know that diabetes is particularly difficult to manage. The lifestyle is difficult to follow since it has so many limitations when it comes to the choice of food. Luckily, a plain and simple vegan diet can help manage type two diabetes. It is worth mentioning that it is by far, an easier lifestyle to follow than the standard diabetes dietary recommendations.

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