Vegan Diet: Delicious Vegan Diet Recipes For Breakfast And Brunch (Delicious Vegan Journey) by Thomas Johnson

Delicious Vegan Diet Recipes For Breakfast And Brunch (Delicious Vegan Journey)

Vegan diet: delicious vegan diet recipes for breakfast and brunch (delicious vegan journey)


There are many great reasons to try the vegan diet. One reason why many people choose to go on this diet is because it is because you will not be consuming any dairy products which contain animal hormones and fats. It is known that consuming dairy and meats can cause health problems like obesity, cancer and heart disease. The vegan diet is healthy because you will not be consuming high amounts of fat, and carcinogens that meat has been shown to contain.

As a bonus to the recipes, we give you in this book a brief introduction on vegetarianism; this information will allow you to have a better understanding of the health benefits of vegetarian diet.

You will learn how to easily prepare and choose the best vegan recipes for each meal of the day. You’ll start your day with a fresh, healthy and energizing breakfast, then your lunch will be a very nutritious, tasty meal, and to end the day, your dinner will be a delicious vegan meal that will make you feel satisfied and help you sleep well! 

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Sample text:

What does the Vegan diet include?


Vegan diet includes all vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, beans etc. In addition there is soy milk which opens up a lot of options for you since you do not consume dairy milk. There is also tofu which is basically curd that is made from mashed soybeans. It is typically used in vegan cooking.

What does the Vegan diet exclude?

Vegan diet excludes all sorts of animal meat be it of cows, goats, chicken, turkey, duck, seafood etc. In addition, it also excludes animal products such as eggs, dairy products, honey etc.

How do you substitute for dairy products?

This question is typically concerning for the majority as they find it difficult to change their lifestyle so drastically. Many people who are tea or coffee drinkers are concerned how to lead their lives without it. One possible alternative is to develop the taste of tea or coffee without milk. You may switch to green tea instead as well.

However, if you just cannot stay away from milk or other dairy products, there are a few alternatives for you. These days, there is an availability of non dairy products which can be used as a substitution for milk such as soymilk, almond milk, rice milk.

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