Vegan Diet: Delicious Vegan Budget Recipes by Gary Smith

Delicious Vegan Budget Recipes

Vegan diet: delicious vegan budget recipes


There are many different types of diets going around, from the prehistoric paleo diet, to a more modern ketogenic diet, and of course the typical vegetarian diet. One diet, the vegan diet, has slowly gained popularity over the years, equating to nearly 1% in the USA alone. This may not seem like much, but given our animalistic nature to want to eat meat, it might seem quite absurd to many that people wouldn’t want to eat meat at all, let alone any animal bi-products such as milk, cheese, eggs and even arguably honey.

The vegan diet or veganism is a diet which does not consist of any meat or animal products, including dairy products. Alternatively, one way of looking at veganism is a diet that excludes any exploitation of any animals. 
Protein consumption is the main concern of many who want to switch to the Vegan Diet. For that reason, in this book, we have provided all necessary and fundamental facts that you need to know about the Vegan Diet in general, and more specifically about protein consumption. Remember that, although your protein intake is very essential, a healthy diet must be focused on consuming various nutrients throughout the day.

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Numerous groups emerged vegetarian for both nutritional and ethical reasons. Monks are an example of a group that historically practice a vegan lifestyle, and it wasn’t until 1846 the term “vegetarian” was coined. It comes from the Latin word “vegetus,” which means “lively.” And interestingly the English word “vegetable” meant a person that didn’t eat flesh.

Europeans were the first to support and honorably promote the vegetarian diet. In the early 1900s The International Vegetarian Union was established. And more recently throughout the 20th century this lifestyle is growing because of strong ethical and moral reasoning, nutritional, economic, and environmental considerations. Understanding vegan eating is different from vegetarian. With vegan eating there are no animal products eaten whatsoever, and that includes animal by-products like dairy products, skins, and furs.

India vegetarians make up more than 70% of the worldly population of vegetarians, where almost 42% of the Indian populous follow vegetarian eating. In the U.S., studies show up to 5% of people are vegans. This number is growing.

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