Vegan Diet: Cookbook For Vegans To Reduce Weight ANd Detox Your Body by Bella Zahni

Cookbook For Vegans To Reduce Weight ANd Detox Your Body

Vegan diet: cookbook for vegans to reduce weight and detox your body


Vegan Diet Cookbook: Tasty Vegan Recipes, Great for the Vegetarian Diet For those on the strict vegan diet it is difficult at times to find the right vegan diet recipes that are truly animal free. Being a vegan is the strictest of all vegetarians, meaning the only foods consumed are plant-based. Vegans even forgo dairy and eggs. Vegan diet books are important among this group, in helping to keep on their diets and in finding good recipes to keep them on away from animal-based foods. This vegan diet book contains recipes that are strictly for vegan diets. A word of caution, not all vegan diet food is animal-free. Never assume this, always read the ingredient list when purchasing prepared foods like breads, cereals and other similar foods.

The essential cookbook is having so simple wordings and language that is much easier for you to comprehend and follow. My main focus is to make the steps so much elaborated, and language so simple that you may not find any difficulty in getting what has written in it. So, you do not need to panic if you are not having even the basics of cooking with you. This cookbook is having all those tricks essential for making your dining table full of delicious foods that everyone will love to eat. Delicious food is loved by everyone and if it has been made by you, then the pleasure of eating it becomes more as your dedication makes the food yummier than ever. So, while learning the essentials of making good food in less time at home, your dedication towards your task matter a lot. 

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Sample text:

As mentioned, protein is essential to the human body; the following food types are all rich in protein and are acceptable to those living a vegan lifestyle:

Quinoa – This looks very similar to couscous but is much more nutritious.  It is an excellent replacement for rice and is full of fiber, iron and magnesium.  It has eight grams of protein per serving.


Buckwheat – This is actually a type of rhubarb and not wheat as its name suggests.  It is commonly ground into flour and can then be used in a variety of recipes.  It contains six grams of protein per serving and has been shown to improve your circulation as well as lower cholesterol and possibly blood sugar levels.


Hempseed – This is a natural source of essential fatty acids and magnesium, zinc, iron and calcium; as well as having ten grams of protein per serving.

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