Vegan Diet: Burn Body Fat And Get Lean With Vegetarian Diet by Laura Greenvang

Burn Body Fat And Get Lean With Vegetarian Diet

Vegan diet: burn body fat and get lean with vegetarian diet


This vegan baking and dessert cookbook includes a variety of unique and delicious cake, cookie and bread recipes that you can easily make at home. As a professional vegan baker I have come across all kinds of vegan baking recipes, and I would like to share my favorite vegan baking recipes with you. I have provided easy to follow steps in these recipes, so both beginner and novice vegan bakers can make these recipes.

The recipes given in this book will help you whip up delicious and healthy vegan food that is not just good for your health but will make you feel better about yourself. By planning out your meals well in advance, you will be able to stick to your diet and won’t fall back into your old unhealthy eating habits. Making a few healthy changes definitely has many advantages.
So, all that you need to do is get started with reading this book and following the advice given in it!

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 A vegan diet can often be controversial due to the moral and philosophical arguments that it tries to espouse. Many people tend to think of vegans as people who are fringe eaters, overly sensitive, and at times quite aggressive when it comes to animal rights. However, it is also worth noting that many choose to become vegan because they recognize the nutritional advantages of switching to a plant-based diet. It is, therefore, helpful to view veganism as a diet because of the multitude of health benefits that it offers.  Everything else is best left for debate on another day.


In order to fully understand veganism, it is necessary to look at some of its most basic tenets:


The first requirement is the complete abstinence from animal and animal-based products. This not only includes meat, but other animal-sourced or cruelty causing food groups such as eggs, dairy products and honey. Many common household cooking ingredients also fit the bit such as lard, gelatin and whey. Those marshmallows may look harmless, but even they contain gelatin, which is derived from the collagen inside animals' skin and bones! More hidden animal traces can be found in baking pans greased with animal fat, grain cereals that include animal-based glycerin, and sugar refined with bone charcoal!


Fish have feelings too! Strict vegan diets do not allow for the consumption of seafood. This is where there the biggest disagreement lies between the majority of healthy diets and that of true veganism. For those who are only after the health benefits of a particular diet, seafood is often used as the primary substitute for the absence of meat products and poultry. With veganism, even seafood is a food group that is (literally) off the table. 


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