Vegan Diet: Adopt Healthy Vegan Lifestyle And Lose Weight (Go Vegan Today) by Green Morra

Adopt Healthy Vegan Lifestyle And Lose Weight (Go Vegan Today)

Vegan diet: adopt healthy vegan lifestyle and lose weight (go vegan today)


This book is for anyone who wants to go vegan but is afraid of living life without one of life's great pleasures - ICE CREAM. Let this book open your mind to the possibilities of Vegan Ice Cream recipes. It has a list of vegan recipes that include vegan sorbet and slush recipes, vegan fruit ice cream recipes, vegan sundae recipes etc.

For those of us who have been reading and listening to news regarding health and diet, your attention must have been drawn to the contentious issues of whether or not to consume animal products. The debate rages from how much to consume, what to avoid, what to take in moderation and it seems to go on and on. Is it not tiring, to believe in one thing and be led to another supposed truth shortly afterwards? If you want to learn everything about the vegan diet, then this book is what you need.
I was always skeptical of keto, even though it sounded like a cool idea. I’m into biohacking my body, but I’m also concerned about the environmental cost of a high-meat diet. I’m also 100% against factory-farmed meats of any kind, and animal cruelty. But I made a pact with one of my best friends, who said that keto would change my life. I told him I wouldn’t do it without sticking to my vegan diet


If you are ready to take action and change your life for the better, this book will definitely guide you in the right direction!

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Sample text:

Over the years, people have become much more conscious about what they consume. On the one hand, it is about what is healthy and beneficial for their bodies. On the other hand, it is about how what they eat or do affects other living beings. This particular reason led many people switch to a vegetarian diet. Those who choose to be vegan make an even more intense effort as compared to Vegetarians. Vegans do not consume any meat or animal based products like dairy, eggs and even honey. More radical vegans try to eliminate things other than food that might harm the lives of animals as well. 

In your case, since you want to focus on your diet, we will tell you how to go vegan in your eating habits. Either way, being vegan is ethical and beneficial to your health as well. If you have a pet dog or cat at home, you can imagine the suffering of animals at a deeper level when they are sacrificed for food. Ultimately, if not for anything else, you should know that a vegan diet will help you lose weight as well. A lot of people in this day and age are dealing with excessive weight due to bad eating and lifestyle habits. 

A vegan lifestyle makes you much more conscious and helps you get your body back to a healthy state. Once you know the basics of what you can and cannot eat, the diet is quite simple to follow. 

How to go Vegan?

Unlike a lot of other fad diets, it does not require you to starve or count your calories. You can eat all your meals to satisfy your hunger. All you have to do is prepare the food using the ingredients that are considered vegan. It is quite easy to start the diet. First get rid of all the junk and food in the pantry that constitutes animal based products. Then make a list of vegan ingredients that you like and keep them stored. Make a meal plan for the week using vegan recipes as this will make things much easier for you. 

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