Vegan Diet: 90+ Ketogenic Diet Recipes To Help Vegetarians by Chef Berko

90+ Ketogenic Diet Recipes To Help Vegetarians

Vegan diet: 90+ ketogenic diet recipes to help vegetarians


A vegan diet doesn’t mean you are sentenced to eating only carrots and lettuce for the rest of your days. In fact, the growing popularity of a plant-based diet means that more creative recipes, restaurants, and supermarkets are providing more vegan options than ever.
When starting out as a vegan, however, it is important to understand that there are certain dietary guidelines to consider that will help you to maximize your health and weight loss.

There are many different types of diets going around, from the prehistoric paleo diet, to a more modern ketogenic diet, and of course the typical vegetarian diet. One diet, the vegan diet, has slowly gained popularity over the years, equating to nearly 1% in the USA alone. This may not seem like much, but given our animalistic nature to want to eat meat, it might seem quite absurd to many that people wouldn’t want to eat meat at all, let alone any animal bi-products such as milk, cheese, eggs and even arguably honey.
The vegan diet or veganism is a diet which does not consist of any meat or animal products, including dairy products. Alternatively, one way of looking at veganism is a diet that excludes any exploitation of any animals.

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The Ethical Reasons:

There are many ethical reasons to choose a vegan lifestyle, and in this portion, we will go over why this might impact your decision. While vegan living does have a wide variety of proven health benefits, many people are able to stay more motivated to stick to a diet plan when they have ethical and personal reasons for following it. 

Animals are Unique and Want to Live:

While most people think of animals raised for food as “farm animals” as a type of animal that does not have feelings, personalities, or desires, this is not true. These animals whether cow, pig, or chicken have feelings and desires just like dogs and cats. We are taught to not think or care about how these animals feel or the lives they lead, but these animals feel joy and affection. Sadly, animals raised for food rarely get to experience these positive emotions. They more often feel fear, pain, and grief. These animals form bonds of friendship, which are then taken away.

The Dairy and Egg Industry is Inhumane:

Many believe that the dairy and egg industry are more humane than the meat industry, nonetheless, this industry causes a massive amount of suffering. Over a billion of chicks and chicken, as well as millions of calves and cows, are killed in the dairy and egg industry each year.

Naturally, wild hens will only lay between twelve and twenty eggs a year. However, chickens have been altered genetically and domesticated to produce over two-hundred-fifty eggs annually. This unnatural increase in laying causes the hens to develop painful and frequently fatal reproductive disorders. 

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