Vegan Diet: 45+ Vegan Recipes To Get Healthy (Fit Without Fasting) by Brian Kelsey

45+ Vegan Recipes To Get Healthy (Fit Without Fasting)

Vegan diet: 45+ vegan recipes to get healthy (fit without fasting)


The good news is that there is a variety of tasty vegan dessert recipes listed in this book “The Vegan Life: Vegan Eating Ideas for Tasty Vegan Treats!”. It is a sweet vegan baking guide with easy-to-follow vegan cooking tips, packed with delicious vegan desserts recipes. A vegan diet isn’t complete without special vegan dessert recipes that you can make on your own. Consider this book as your very own vegan baking and vegan diet guide that will teach you how to prepare tempting vegan chocolate desserts including: vegan chocolate cakes and pies, vegan chocolate butter cake, chilled double chocolate torte, and vegan fudge brownies

If you trace man’s history in a bid to pinpoint a time when man lived a healthy and holistic life free from diseases such as leaky gut, diabetes, obesity, and many others, your journey will take you back to a time when man, then an occasional hunter, derived a major portion of his bodily nourishment from plants and fruits. Your search will take you back to a time when man’s diet primarily consisted of vegetables, seeds, nuts, and fruits.
Unfortunately, and to the detriment of our health, we have forsaken fresh healthy foods in favor of processed foods. As a result, our health has deteriorated and our lifespan has decreased by half.

If you are ready to take action and change your life for the better, this book will definitely guide you in the right direction!

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Here are the "known sores." First of all, the vegetarian diet causes the total lack of Vitamin B12, which, unfortunately, is not commonly found in nature. In fact, this diet, more than the vegetarian one, demonstrates the imbalances and deficiencies that are much more evident and difficult to solve, given that the foods a Vegan can draw are far less than those taken by a vegetarian. To try to make up for this Vitamin, we recommend eating products derived from fermented soy, such as Tofu and Seitan. Secondly, another heavy shortage is, unfortunately, that of proteins. In fact, it becomes difficult to try to make up for the animal proteins present in meat and fish, above all because you can not rely on other basic foods, such as eggs, milk, and cheese. For this reason, it is necessary to try to ingest a lot of vegetable proteins contained, for example, in dried fruit and legumes. The third negative aspect concerns the little variety of choice that this diet involves. It is indeed true that nature offers many flavors and products, but the risk of heavy energy imbalances is really high. The fourth negative element is closely related to this discourse as it concerns the question of children and the difficult application of this diet on a child level. For children and adolescents aged between 6 and 20, it is essential to provide them with the right protein intake necessary to ensure the proper development of the muscular system, the skeleton, and the body itself.

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