Vegan Diet: 45+ Delicious Vegan Recipes To Get Fit Ans Slim by Charlie Simmons

45+ Delicious Vegan Recipes To Get Fit Ans Slim

Vegan diet: 45+ delicious vegan recipes to get fit ans slim


The Love Diet is a book for anyone wishing to know more about how to become vegan easily. It could be all you need to take control of your health, loose weight, gain energy and gain sense of lightness. Now is your chance to learn from someone who has been doing it for Being vegan today is easier than ever. Have a look inside and jumpstart your health today.

I believe everyone would consume more fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and herbs if they experienced how wonderful raw food can taste when prepared right and the amount of energy it would give them! Within are directions and recipes to make raw vegan bread, brownies, burgers, cake, chocolate, cobbler, cookies, pasta, and pizza! Contains over  plant-based creations! I dedicated two chapters of recipes based on the medicinal mushroom chaga and chocolate because of the numerous health benefits these two superfoods provide, which are listed. This one is for you if you want scrumptious healthy recipes, or want to learn how to transition to a raw plant-based diet. Every creation is not only nourishing for your body but all are incredibly delicious! I enjoy making all of them on a regular basis and I'm confident you will too!

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