Vegan Diet: 40+ Vegan Recipes Cookbook To Stay Lean And Lose Weight by Helen Gains

40+ Vegan Recipes Cookbook To Stay Lean And Lose Weight

Vegan diet: 40+ vegan recipes cookbook to stay lean and lose weight



This book provides a practical guide to adopting a vegan lifestyle. If you are thinking about eating a vegan diet, you are probably worried about the time commitment and the lack of choices. Then let this quick vegan cookbook awaken your mind. This vegan cookbook has a long list of recipes that can be done within 20 minutes. It has a list of vegan recipes that are classified by type: appetizers, snacks, sauces, desserts, beverages etc. Yes, you can live your entire life with vegan recipes. It’s not just about salads; it can be about vegan cheese, vegan ice-cream, vegan burgers etc.

This book will teach you step by step how to cook food the healthy way without giving up taste. The Vegan diet is the healthiest and most sustainable diet out there! If you love animals and care about the earth you should definitely think about going plant based. 

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Keywords: Vegan Diet, vegetarian diet, vegan recipes, detox, weight loss, ketogenic diet, low carb recipes

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Sample text:

You have to start checking the packaging and labeling of what you buy at grocery stores. Most vegan foods these days are labeled as being suitable for vegan consumers. The bottom of the information on the packaging will also tell you if there are eggs or milk in the product. Check for dairy ingredients like whey and casein as well. In the case of most products, you can check if there are any ingredients included that are not suitable for a vegan. Products other than food should also be considered. 

Try to buy things that are not animal tested and are cruelty-free. Sources like PETA will tell you how to check for these. Some such products that are obviously not vegan include beeswax, keratin, whey powder, musk, tallow, cashmere, wool, leather, silk, fur, etc. Some food products may just be labeled vegan without actually being certified as such. Check the list of ingredients properly yourself to ensure if they are vegan-friendly. You are doing more than enough by not eating meat itself, but going the whole way and avoiding anything that is sourced from animals will make a large difference to you and to animals. 

Once you read more from comprehensive sources like PETA, you will see exactly how many food products and other products are made by causing harm to innocent animals. Consuming pure vegan food is usually a much better bet for your health as well and will mean that you get a much more nutritious diet.

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