Vegan Diet: 25+ Delicious Recipes For Beginners by Jean Ontuwa

25+ Delicious Recipes For Beginners

Vegan diet: 25+ delicious recipes for beginners


Vegan Diet has been very popular among many people; however, there are still some misconceptions about veganism among many others. For example, some people still believe that Vegan Diet is not safe, because it does not fulfill calcium, iron, and protein requirements of your body. Wrong! For instance, compare beef and spinach. While the protein content of beef is about 26%, spinach will give you 49% of protein. The benefits of the Vegan Diet are limitless, as long as you follow a specific daily plan and absorb all necessary nutrients your body needs.

Our society has seen a lot of change in recent years. The way we do business, science and technology, communication, travel and so on. But there’s one thing hasn’t seen much change in the last few decades, our diet. With all the junk going around, fast food, doctors giving mixed advice, how do we know what’s actually good for us?

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This is a Vegan Diet for Beginners book but it’s very important you open your mind to all aspects of vegetarian eating. This will help you to better understand what vegan eating is and how it can benefit your mind, body, and life.

Over the years many different types of vegetarians have emerged. If you looked at a master list there’s literally hundreds. We are going to zone into the four main types to start. These are recognized world-wide and provide the information you need to open your mind and get informed about vegetarian eating.

states the four most recognized forms or vegetarianism are Semi-Vegetarian, Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian, Lacto-Vegetarian, and Vegan.


Someone who chooses this style of vegan eating consumes meat on occasion, just not regularly. Often this type of plant-based eating is a stepping stone for people looking to eventually transform into true vegans, where no meat or animal products at all are eaten or used.

An advantage to Semi-Vegetarian eating is you won’t have to worry about being protein deficient because your occasional meat meal will eliminate the worry.

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