Valmont- the Vampire Prince : Heir of Blood by Pet Torres

Romance with vampires

Valmont- the vampire prince : heir of blood

Valmont goes to the Planet Neptune and all the truth about his origin is revealed. That is, he discovers he has a father, Kings of the vampires and he is a Prince, Heir of Blood. Nevertheless, Valmont will have a revelation which can change his destiny as a Prince in Neptune.

Genre: FICTION / Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Legends & Mythology

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / Historical

Language: English

Keywords: vampire , vampires, prince, king, new adult , young adult, teens

Word Count: 22.236

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Sample text:

Chapter 1





Hours had passed by when I finally arrived at a territory totally far and different from the planet Earth. I stayed unaware for some hours, but as soon as I opened my eyes the first thing I could see was a dark high ceiling. There were baroque designs on it. So I winked sometimes, imagining I was lost in one of my dreams.

Notwithstanding, the dark ceiling and the designs made with concretes still were before my eyes. So I was not dreaming like I had imagined I was.

Following time I sustained my hands on a marble sanctuary, which I was still laying on, and I sat up on it. After that, I saw three dark shadows around me.

My eyes enlarged when I perceived I was not alone. There were strange creatures in my company. Or saying better, I was in the company of strange creatures.

So I looked to a young dark haired boy.  His eyes were Gray. His clothes were dark as well. He looked seriously to me. After that, my eyes stopped at a young red-haired man. His eyes were Gray. He was dressed in dark attires as well. And at last, my eyes landed on a young red-haired woman. Her hair was at shoulder- height. Her eyes were Gray and she was dressed in a long, narrow red-blood colored dress.

She stared at me all the time.

Who were they?

Well, I had no idea.

If they were my friends or enemies, I would just know that after the elapse of hours.

"Where I'm?"

I questioned, glancing around. The walls in the great hall were replete with lit torches. I knew I was in some castle lost in the universe.



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