Valkyrie the Vampire Princess 5 for Girls by Pet Torres

Book for girls

Valkyrie the vampire princess 5 for girls

Back on Neptune, Eros finds himself in great danger at the side of the vampire princess.
But no danger prevents him from being by Valkyrie’s side to try to ensure her safety on Neptune.
Although he is less powerful than the daughter of the king of the vampires, he has a great weapon against his enemy.


Secondary Genre: FICTION / General

Language: English

Keywords: book for girls, teen books, princess book, vampire book

Word Count: 12.350

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Sample text:

The speed of my four-legged friend quickly took me to my destination. Yes, this time I went into the forest of dead trees. I did this as soon as I awoke from my deep sleep.

Something inside of me caused discomfort in my poor immortal soul. At that moment I needed to be in front of a particular creature. I needed to say some things to him, which could not have been said just hours ago.

Looking ahead, I saw a vampire in his black clothes. The ends of his long, black cape were kissing the ground covered by snow and fallen leaves.

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