Valentine Hound Dog by Rachelle Ayala

The Hart Family

A fashion designer and her basset hound convince a burned ex-firefighter that love is not skin deep.

Valentine hound dog

Former fireman Larry Davison covers his burn scars well, by working at an elementary school as a custodian where he finds a lost hound dog behind the dumpster.

Fashion designer Jenna Hart is in town to do a charity fashion show when she loses her top model, Little Treat. When Larry turns up with the puppy, she asks him to be in the show and bachelor auction.

Larry’s not sure he belongs in a fashion show and balks at being her good deed. Can Jenna convince Larry beauty is never skin deep and love's arrow strikes not only the beautiful, but the bold?

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Clean & Wholesome

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Firefighters

Language: English

Keywords: firefighters, stories with pets, family drama, sweet romance, valentine romance, pet rescue, fashion designer

Word Count: 46000

Sales info:

A very popular book about a scarred firefighter and a fashion designer getting together because of a stray basset hound puppy.

Sample text:

Jenna Hart was a fretter and a perfectionist. She had to be. At twenty-seven, she was a junior fashion designer for Moonique Designs, one of the couture houses in New York City, and it was her turn to run the annual Valentine’s Benefit Fashion Show. In return, she got to choose the location, design all the gowns, and pick the charity. It would be a giant boon to her career to pull off a major runway show in her hometown of San Francisco and at the same time, benefit their fabulous and overworked Fire Department.

Only one small, or rather large problem. Beefcake, or rather lack of it.

She called her brother, Connor, the newly installed fire chief. There had to be something he wanted that only she could provide, and she did know a lot of hot models on a first name basis.

“Hello.” Connor’s deep voice drawled over the line. “The answer is still ‘no.’”

“Even if I set you up on a date with that swimsuit model your entire squad’s been drooling over?”

“That’s an even easier answer. No.” Connor practically bellowed over the phone. “Last thing I want is a woman all my buddies take to the bathroom.”

“Ugh, don’t want to know.” Jenna blew out a sigh. “This show is to benefit the firefighters, you know, the widow and orphan fund—it’s near and dear to your heart.”

“Yes, and I truly appreciate that,” Connor said. “Is there a point to this call?”

“Are you always so rude to a benefactor?”

“Only if she’s my sister. Look, Jenna, me and the guys, we’re all over this runway show. We’ll post guards, we’ll escort the models, but we’re not going to be doing those exotic dancer poses. You want an orderly show or a bunch of screaming women?”

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