Upgraded: Building a Hero (Book 3) by Tasha Black

Some heroes aren't born, they're built...

Upgraded: building a hero (book 3)

Westley Worthington has found the love of his life in Cordelia. 
But when he pushes her away to protect her family, he fears he’s lost her forever. 

Cordelia Cross has never felt about anyone the way she feels about West. 
Which is exactly why she is resolved to keep her distance.

When West is threatened with the loss of his fortune, his friends, and even his life, he must learn that it takes more than super-strength to be a hero to the ones he loves. 

Can he save the day one last time, before the technology that saved him finishes him for good?

Find out in Upgraded, the final full-length novel in the Building a Hero trilogy from USA Today bestselling author Tasha Black.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Science Fiction

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Science Fiction / High Tech

Language: English

Keywords: bbw, Scifi, Romance, Billionaire, steamy, shifters, technology

Word Count: 48000

Sales info:

Book is number three in the Building a Hero trilogy. Sell through from other books in the series is excellent, and all three books have excellent review on Amazon.

Sample text:

Edward Dalton savored the whisper of a warm breeze on his neck as he gazed down ten stories at the quiet parking lot.  Summer had taken hold of the city below. Even though he was on duty, this moment on the rooftop served as a welcome respite from the heat.

Dalton had spent most of the last few years watching over Westley Worthington in one from or another, as his friend and as the head of security for Worthington Enterprises. Now, he was literally watching over him. He waited for West to get into position, so he could take out the lights.

Dalton peered through the scope of his rifle. No movement in the shadows below, and his heightened senses weren’t picking up anything special. Only the usual smells of Glacier City - smog, sweat and cooking spices, and rising from the subway, the unique blend of bad things and bleach that roiled below the street.

Crime had exploded in Glacier City these past few weeks, and the police were losing control of the streets. West and Dalton were taking serious action to help stem the surge of atrocities. But all their efforts were beginning to feel like a finger in the dam.

Ever since West had blown up at Cordelia, and sent her and her wheelchair-bound sister packing, he had been a broken man, seeking distraction at every turn.

Cordelia Cross was a one in a million woman. She was smart, but with a kindness that was almost maternal. And although she had a no-nonsense way about her, and certainly wasn’t one to dress for her assets, as soon as  you got to know her you couldn’t stop noticing how beautiful she was. That inner beauty glowed through everything she did, and in Dalton’s eyes she was radiant.

Dalton had watched West grow from a reckless playboy into something resembling a man through Cordelia’s friendship. He figured it was only a matter of time before they came to their senses and fell in love.

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Already translated. Translated by Eugenia Franzoni

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