Unveiled Hearts by Dawn Brower

Will Matt and Claire learn to have faith in each other long enough to discover an unbreakable love?

Unveiled hearts

Will Matt and Claire learn to have faith in each other long enough to discover an unbreakable love?

Mathew Price's vision remains elusive after being blinded in a car accident, and it's turned his entire life upside down. Depending on others for help frustrates him and is a blow to his pride. He pushes everyone away, especially the one woman he has always cared about. Now that he is handicapped, Matt doesn't think he has a right to tell her how he feels.

Claire Jackson has secretly loved Matt for awhile. When he was injured, her heart hurt for him. She helps him, even when he does everything he can to push her aside, until one day something horrible occurs that could destroy them forever. As danger lurks on the horizon, can they trust each other and finally accept they belong together?

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Suspense

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Language: English

Keywords: lawyer, serial killer

Word Count: 48000

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Heart's Intent sells fairly well

Sample text:

A soft breeze fell over Matthew Price’s face as he lounged on his backyard deck. The constant beeping from a car horn beeped sharply in the distance. One of his neighbors must be displeased to pound on it with such vigor. The taste of bile rising in his throat was becoming equally hard to ignore. He clenched his fist and allowed his nails to bite into his palms. All of his senses worked as they should. He counted them off each day as a reminder he hadn’t lost everything. It was his sight that continued to elude him. Dr. Sousa told him to be patient, that his vision wouldn’t return overnight, but he’d been hopeful. It’d been foolish and a complete waste of his time.

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Already translated. Translated by Marga Tiomkin

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