Given the choice would she even want to.

Two minute orgasm

Answering a bizarre newspaper ad at a research clinic, Janine Taylor’s life is turned topsy-turvy when she agrees to be a test subject for a study on extending the length of orgasms for women.

Caught in a debauched world of sexual nirvana, Janine, soon becomes their star pupil. Can she go back to her old life? Given the choice would she even want to.

Beware: Two Minute Orgasm is a sometimes zany sexual farce that some may find offensive.

Genre: FICTION / Erotica / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Gay

Language: English


Word Count: 21000

Sales info:

In the four years Two Minute Orgasm has been out it has sold several thousand copies. I don't know if foreign readers have the same taste, but I suspect they do. If they do I would say TMO is the surest thing I have to a surfire seller.

Sample text:

“I’m so glad you decided to come back.”

“I’d shake your hand, but my palms are all sweaty.”

“Nervous, huh?”

I nodded

“I guarantee after you’re first climax, you’ll be looking forward to the next. Are you ready?”

“I think so.”

He led me into a small room across the hall. He handed me a small white shroud. “Get undressed, including your jewelry, when you’re finished lay on the gurney and pull the sheet over you. I’ll return in two minutes.”

I laid on the gurney about thirty seconds before he returned. My palms were clammy. I tittered nervously. It looks like the doctor is going to tickle my fancy.

He slipped in wearing a reassuring smile. “Okay, I’m going to reach under the sheet and do things to you similar to what your gynecologist would do. The only difference is I’m going to make you feel good. Hopefully, good enough to make you climax. Any questions?”

“How long will it take?”

“Usually, five or ten minutes. If nothing happens in twenty minutes we’ll try plan B.” I watched him pull latex gloves onto his good-sized hands. Then they disappeared from view and I felt them on my thighs

My mouth was dry and my heart started beating hard and fast. As his hand moved up my thigh to the juncture of leg and body, I stiffened. So far, everything felt good, but my nervousness increased having a strange man’s hands near my goodie box, even if he was a doctor

“I can tell you’re jumpy, so I’m going to do this slow and easy. I want you to know I’ve done this numerous times. It’s my profession and I’m very good at it. So good, I’ve never failed to bring on an orgasm. Are you ready?”

“Yes,” I said in breathy voice.

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Already translated. Translated by Flavio Goncalves
Author review:
thorough & well done
Already translated. Translated by María Mendoza
Author review:
Great to work with. Recommend!

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