Twenty Little Frogs by Walter Parks

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Twenty little frogs

Twenty Little Froggies is one of the old poems that my grandfather learned when he was a small child and then taught to my father.

Genre: JUVENILE NONFICTION / Activity Books

Language: English

Keywords: frogies, frogs, pool, frog school

Word Count: 24

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Sample text:

Twenty Little Froggies is one of the old simple poems for kids that my grandfather was taught by his father when he was a small child.

He then taught it to my father in 1887 when he was five.

My Father taught it to me in 1940 when I was 5.

This is one of the poems that I taught to my children.

Twenty Little Froggies began a long tradition in my family!

Teach your child to memorize this age old poem.

It will be with her/him for life.

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