Treasure Hunt by Walter Parks

Finding Solomon's Temple Treasure

We found Solomon's Temple Treasure after it being lost for over 2000 years.

Treasure hunt

We found the Treasure completely by accidentally falling through a weak ceiling and into the cave where it is hidden.

Genre: RELIGION / Ancient

Secondary Genre: HISTORY / Jewish

Language: English

Keywords: Solomon, treasure, temple, ancient treasure, church

Word Count: 120

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Temple of the King Solomon’s Temple,  Treasure was originally taken from the Second Temple in 69 AD, just before the Romans sacked Jerusalem and the Temple. Temple of the king Solomon’s Treasure was split up and hidden in 64 different places in and around Jerusalem. Those locations were documented on the Copper Scroll found with the Dead Sea Scrolls. The first of these scrolls were found by Bedouins in caves at Qumran in 1947. The Copper Scroll was later found in cave number 3 by professionals in 1952.

A search of the locations listed in the Copper Scroll revealed that Solomon’s Temple Treasure had been moved from the original 64 hid

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