Travel Tips That Could Save Your Life by John J Gentry

Detailed travel tips based on over twenty years of international travel.

Travel tips that could save your life

Detailed travel tips based on over twenty years of international travel.
With many years of international experience I take the chaos out of the equation, and add a sense of accomplishment in what my team can do. Leadership by example, and have a willingness to mentor people with real world experience. 

I enjoy travel, and working internationally. My family, and I enjoy sharing our international adventure through writing, photography, and more.

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Language: English


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This is a new book, and will be furthure edited for the English market. I would like to have this current manuscript edited for other languages. I wrote this while living in Taiwan for 4 years, and would like to have it available for the international market.

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Nothing can beat the thrill of serendipity – the rush of adrenaline when one discovers something! How invigorating! How wonderful! How fantastic! There is almost nothing as close to the term serendipity than travel… discovering new leaves to the book of life; you believed to have reached the end cover in terms of knowing life and then you travelled…

They say, people who do not travel read only a single page of the marvelous bestseller called life. When you move out of your realms and experience alien civilizations and peoples – their way of life, their cultures and language and food, when you let your soul soak up some novelty and bask in the afterglow of an inspiring encounter with humanity and all its colors, it is only then you grow as a soul. Your character imbibes the sweet fragrances of distant lands and your persona blooms into its own kind of beautiful.

“In the end, we do not regret the chances we did not take”

Rather, it is those, which we did not take – no pain no gain. Travel opens new avenues and makes one more receptive to the meaning of life, the purpose of soul and makes aware of the limitless which is inside one’s own mind.

Traveling, or moving by foot, bicycle, automobile, train, boat, or airplane, is disorienting and emotional. You learn through experience, unraveling the wonders of the world and enhancing your own global understanding. Through the adventure of travel you can learn about local customs, find a relaxing beach chair, or even rough it in the wilderness. The possibilities are endless.

Of course, there is a downside to travel. No one wants to accidentally take a tragic one-way trip to a foreign country. Away from one’s kin and in a strange land where nobody understands the language or knows what food one needs, 


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Translation in progress.
Translation in progress. Translated by SOPHIE RODARI
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Silvia - Did a great job, and worked very hard with the translation. She had strong attention to detail, and was careful at asking great question to ensure the work was done correctly.
Translation in progress.
Translation in progress. Translated by Maribel Zafra
Translation in progress. Translated by Asa von Heyking Dejus

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