Top Agent by Aurelia Hilton

A Hot & Steamy Aurelia Hilton’s Romance Short Novel Book 4

Top Agent - A Hot & Steamy Aurelia Hilton’s Romance Short Novel Book 4

Top agent

I've never had much luck with love. I thought that I'd found someone perfect. Sheila was the most beautiful, voluptuous woman on campus. We met by chance, then it was 6 years of bliss. There was just one problem. I was insecure.

Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with me. I can please a woman with the best of them. But when Sheila would go out, she was constantly bombarded with guys begging her to date them. She was so perfect and I was so afraid to lose her. I never made any moves to further the relationship because of this.

Then, she left me...

Sheila left me for another man because I was too scared to propose. That was my mistake. I did some crazy things to stop the pain. When I finally came out of my heartbreak, I went after the dream I'd had before Sheila. I started my own business. Hopefully, I'd meet someone even better than her. I would treat her better, too.

Basically, I was a talent scout. I sought out beautiful women and helped them find jobs in the media industry, all legal stuff. But all that would change on the day I got a call from a film producer. But this guy, he didn't do just any kind of films. The actresses he wanted would need a much... exotic set of skills...

Now, when I interview women, it's different than before. They used to sit in front of my desk, now they end up on my desk. Every day, I meet sensual women of all shapes and sizes.

In a line of work where we all have to play fast and loose, will I ever find love?

Genre: FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Love & Romance

Secondary Genre: FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Love & Romance

Language: English

Keywords: viking erotica collection tales love triangle, second chance novel vikings age war american, female protaganist marriage politics family office, poetry poem romance science fiction suspense, thriller victorian western alpha male angel bbw, Action adventure pulp fairy tales buds submission, historical humour comedy interracial mystery

Word Count: 10000

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Sample text:

Chapter 1. Optimal Stopping – When to Stop Looking

One thing that makes life difficult is not knowing when to stop – this has been labeled as the Optimal Stopping Problem. There is a danger of quitting too early and missing out on something good, or quitting too late and exhausting the little energy and time that we have.

Thankfully, there is an algorithm that will make decisions much easier. It’s not entirely foolproof, but it will produce better outcomes than doing things randomly.

The Optimal Stopping Problem deals not with what option to select but how many choices to consider. Based on statistical data, the ideal percentage is 37%.

The Secretary Problem explores the idea of Optimal Stopping. Someone tasked to hire a secretary has to choose among applicants, but he must know when to stop so that he will not miss someone who is good for the job.

In looking for the secretary, stopping late means prolonging the choice unnecessarily, while stopping too early lets the best applicant go unhired. The strategy is to find a reasonable balance between the two conditions.


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