Top 5 Tips To Upskill As A Freelancer by Ashutosh Saxena

Upskilling is the key to be a competitive Freelancer

As a freelancer, you should continuously keep learning about the emerging trends in your field.

Top 5 tips to upskill as a freelancer

Freelancing is a highly competitive market. Because it has no established rules and regulations anyone can get into freelancing. To survive in this competitive market a freelancer should immerse themselves in continuous themselves. They should be able to constantly upskill themselves to keep up with the trends. If you are a freelancer here are the top 5 tips to upskill yourself and survive in this field.


Develop in-depth knowledge in your field

The first and foremost requirement for any freelancer is to develop in-depth knowledge in their respective field. They should keep learning about the basics often and learn other skillsets related to their field of work. For example, if you are a graphic designer, you should learn in-depth about design principles, typography, and emerging trends in the field.


Diversify your skillsets

If you are a freelancer you should be able to do different areas of work in your field. If you are a graphic designer learn you should be able to do 3D designs, illustrations, and some basic animations as well. This diversification of skillsets will play a major role in upskilling yourself


Learn the latest software

If you are a freelancer in any field you should learn the latest software that is required to do your job. Learning the latest software will help you save time. A great example of this would be Photoshop 2022. It allows the users to cut backgrounds simply by selecting the objects. This is not the case with previous versions, it will take at least a few mins and even hours in some cases to cut the background.


Learn complimenting skillsets

Complementing skills are skills that can go with your current skillsets for doing a few job roles seamlessly. If you are a social media manager you can learn content writing. This will help you write effective captions for posts, and stories and even write long-form content.

If you are a video editor you should learn basic animations, sound effects, and text effects as well. This kind of upskilling will help you do a variety of jobs in the video editing category. It will also help you land more high-paying jobs.


Stay relevant

As a freelancer, you should continuously keep learning about the emerging trends in your field. A good example of relevancy in the UX design field would be devices implementing ‘Dark mode themes. If you are a UI/UX designer you should be able to design your UI to function efficiently in both light and dark modes. These are some of the most important tips to upskill yourself as a freelancer.

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