To Marry a Marchioness by Tamara Gill

When an English Lady meets a Scottish Lord, a battle for love will ensue...

To marry a marchioness

Lady Henrietta Zetland is definitely not looking for love again after being widowed so young. She cannot provide the heirs most husbands desire, so is quite happy to abandon the trappings of the ton and London Season for country life. Yet the moment she meets Marcus Duncan, the new Marquess Zetland, the passion she has long suppressed returns to life and overwhelms all good sense and propriety.

Becoming a Marquess is just what Marcus Duncan needs to save his crumbling Scottish estate. His travels to England to oversee his newly acquired estates, throws him into the path of his cousin’s widow. Marcus is instantly charmed by Henrietta and a passionate love affair ensues. The last thing he expects is to lose his heart and when he pushes for more, it is revealed they both have secrets that could separate them forever.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Regency

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Historical / Victorian

Language: English

Keywords: regency, romance, historical romance, regency romance, victorian, nobility, lords, ladies, London, love, dukes

Word Count: 38000

Sales info:

To Marry a Marchioness is the 6th and final book in my Lords of London series. This series is currently being produced into audio and I'm now looking to have it translated into multiple languages. 

Sample text:

Lady Henrietta Nicholson, Marchioness of Zetland, sat before her bedroom dressing table and stared at her reflection. Her eyes were bloodshot and puffy, the tip of her nose was red, and her hair had somehow refused to be appropriate on this sombre day and stay confined under her hairpins.

Behind her, her maid bustled about the room, making her bed that now looked too large, empty, and cold, much like her life as she would know it from this day forward. Her mother, the Duchess of Athelby, was downstairs and not willing to leave Henrietta alone in this large estate that was now hers. The property had not been entailed, and she was free to live out the rest of her days in Surrey if she wished. How wonderful that idea sounded. Having laid her husband to rest in the cold, damp soil not an hour before, Henrietta needed something to look forward to.

She swiped at the tears that fell down her cheeks. How could this be her life? They had only been married twelve short months, it wasn’t possible for Walter to be gone. His sickness had been so fast, a trifling cold that had settled in his lungs and then would not budge. No matter what they tried, or how many doctors they’d seen on Harley Street, his cough and his breathing steadily became worse until he passed in his sleep.

Henrietta thought back to the day she’d come upon him in their bedroom fighting for breath, and she’d known with sickening dread that he wasn’t long for this earth. That the ailment that had wrought carnage on his body would win the war. Wanting to be strong for him, she’d not broken down until alone, and she had remained steadfast in her ability to remain calm in his presence, to try and keep him cheerful, when all the while her heart was crumbling in her chest knowing that he was slipping away. That she was going to lose him.

Book translation status:

The book is available for translation into any language except those listed below:

Already translated. Translated by Nicole Smith
Author review:
Great translation and communication as usual. Highly recommend.
Already translated. Translated by Evelyn T M Martins
Author review:
Quick turnaround and accurate translation. Highly recommend.

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