To Dare a Duchess by Tamara Gill

One stolen night of pleasure-that would threaten all she holds dear if revealed...

To dare a duchess

After five long years trapped in the country, newly widowed Nina Granville, Duchess of Exeter, has returned to town to start over. But it was here she committed an indiscretion—one stolen night of pleasure—that would threaten all she holds dear if revealed.

Byron always loved Nina from afar—until the house party that turned his world upside down. Guilt saw him flee England’s shores, and Nina wed to a man old enough to be her grandfather, but now the handsome rogue is back…and ready to claim what is his.

Yet Nina has kept a secret from Byron, one that could threaten their sizzling attraction and sever their longstanding friendship forever. With Byron’s brother determined to reveal the truth, Nina must use her power in the ton to ensure her secret is kept safe. Even at the expense of love…

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Regency

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Historical / Victorian

Language: English

Keywords: regency, romance, historical romance, regency romance, victorian, nobility, lords, ladies, London, dukes, duchess, love

Word Count: 43000

Sales info:

To Dare a Duchess is the 4th book in my Lords of London series. This series is currently being produced into audio and I'm now looking to have it translated into multiple languages. 

Sample text:

Edwina Granville, Duchess of Exeter, sat in a carriage on her way back to Granville Hall, a large and imposing estate that resembled a castle. With its impossibly high walls and turrets, and its location on top of a steep hill, the only architectural elements missing were towers and spiralling staircases. The building loomed over the town of Minehead, Kent and looked as superior as the duke she’d just married.

From this day on, now that their vows were spoken, this was her home. She looked back out the window and watched the church disappear from view, her parents still standing outside and greeting the few guests who had attended from London.

A rumbling snore sounded from beside her and she turned to see the Duke of Exeter asleep, his head lolling about and his mouth drooping as if he’d had a stroke. She sighed, having not thought this would be her husband at the end of her second Season, but here she was, a duchess and wife to a man who was old enough to be her grandfather.

Her stomach roiled at the idea of bedding him, but she would bear it, and she would tolerate it with a formidable strength, because that was her duty, what she’d been brought up to expect upon entering the marriage state. The carriage lurched as it started up the steep hill toward the Hall. Edwina, Nina to her friends, would play the obliging, attentive wife for one reason and one reason only.

Because anything was better than to be seen by the man she loved as a pitiful, sad gentlewoman who had lost her head with the worst outcome. She narrowed her eyes, fisting her hand in her lap as she recalled the reason she was in this predicament.

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Already translated. Translated by Nicole Smith
Author review:
Great translation and communication. Highly recommend.
Already translated. Translated by Evelyn T M Martins
Author review:
Great communication and translation as usual. Highly recommend.

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