Tiptoe to Silence by Lathish Shankar

A Paranormal, Romance Novel

Tiptoe to silence

The story starts with Rajesh traveling in a bus to Kasargod, where his friend Sneha lives. While looking at a photo album, Rajesh sees the pictures of a young girl named Radhika, an Indian Classical dancer. Sneha, Rajesh, and Archana end up taking a trip to the beach. They stay in Chandragiri fort while a thunderstorm rages above and finally Rajesh ends up staying for the night.

He sees Radhika in his dreams, and her thoughts haunt him. He decides to dig deeper and deeper into her mystery, and as days pass by, he meets all the characters associated with her in his life. Finally he succeeds in writing his new book based on his thoughts.

When his book gets published, he is visited by a fan of his who tells him a secret that entirely shocks him. Who actually was the dancer, and how she helped him in writing his book, forms the crux of this novel.

An amazing work with Chandragiri River personified as a main character. The International fame Bekal Fort is a prominent place in this novel. The story is attractive, with heats and the breezes and the colors.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Paranormal

Language: English

Keywords: Love, mystery, paranormal, romance, suspense

Word Count: 36K

Sample text:

Radhika anxiously looked at his face. She noticed the change in his voice and tone. She wondered when she came to know that he hesitated to tell her something.

“Tell me.” She looked at his face. The smile on his face made her heart race as he stared at her with a playful grin.

"I..." his voice broke.


"I... love..."

"You love?" She scrunched her eyebrows.

"I love to watch your dance performance!" he said, looking at her.

She then burst into laughter. Louder... and more loudly... and finally, he too joined her in laughing.

"Okay, cool. When is your next program?" he asked.

"I will let you know soon, if you can provide me your contact number," she said.

He took out a purse from his pocket and gave her his visiting card.

"Thank you," she said. With that, she quickly made her way beyond the horizon. Jayakumar stood there, looking at her for a while as she slowly disappeared. He simply wished if she could turn back.

And yes! She turned back and gave him a wonderful smile.

He too had a smile on his face as the wind slightly flew by. 

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Already translated. Translated by ANDERSON PELACHINI VALLE DEGASPERI
Already translated. Translated by Ailín Denoya
Author review:
I was very happy to work with this translator. Most dedicated and accurate work. I would recommend this translator, for her sincere work. Wishing her all success in her endeavours.

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