Time Is Money by Adidas Wilson

Financial Independence, Retire Early

When you ask most people, they will tell you they never expected the FIRE movement to get so popular.

Time is money

When you ask most people, they will tell you they never expected the FIRE movement to get so popular. Foregoing the pleasures of life and saving 50%+ of income in order to retire at 30 or 40 is not an easy thing to do. In 2020, the FIRE movement is at its peak. Unfortunately, that means there’s no more rising—the only way to go is down. Every day, you see a story of someone who retired early and how they achieved that. This is how you know that FIRE is at its peak. Any investor knows that when you see the news in print, you cannot invest because it is too late. But it is usually a great time to sell. Investors try to forecast the future. Building true wealth is not just about making money. At some point, you have seen happy poor people and miserable rich people. According to research, the relationship between happiness and money is small. The following ten principles will help you attain true wealth, personally and financially. Become Deeply Motivated - Money cannot be considered a deep motivator. Financial wealth has external benefits. With money, you can have big bank accounts, fancy houses, etc. but you cannot buy happiness. Since external goals have inherent limits, they will limit your motivation.

Genre: BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Personal Finance / Retirement Planning

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Keywords: personal finance, FIRE, retire early, financial independence

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