This Is My Heaven by Sunshine Rodgers

You can live in God’s Kingdom and still not be convinced.

This is my heaven

You can live in God’s Kingdom and still not be convinced. Heaven is filled with those who bow and worship while one secretly disagrees and questions God’s plan for a family on Earth. This worker of Eternal Paradise sees the family suffering and in pain and wonders what God is up to. Is God really good? Is God always right? Will Thaddeus be able to agree with God or will he abandon his faith and his Assignment altogether?

Genre: FICTION / Religious

Language: English


Word Count: 17900

Sample text:

Change was happening and coming quick. You could feel it, itching at you as you waited desperate for movement. You had been in a holding pattern for too long. You had prayed day after day to be released from what felt like a prison and all the while, you were still here. Life was still the same, a revolving motion of people, activity, sleep, and food.... No passion. No interest. Just stuck. What you were unaware of was that Heaven was moving. You could not see it but there was crucial happenings going on! Heaven was quite aware of your feelings. In fact, Heaven was also craving for you to leave but knew timing was everything. This progression of movement happened years ago. A board meeting of sorts was called in Heaven. The topic of interest? You. In the array of halos and wings was a flurry of activity involving the next steps for you; what path you should be on and what door needed to be opened next. The Heavenly meeting went a little something like this…

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