There You'll Be by Dawn Brower

Chaos runs wild through Carly and Phil's lives, and just when it looks like they have a chance to be together—fate has other plans

There you'll be

Carly Gallagher doesn’t make mistakes. Until one day she makes one that causes the death of someone she cares about. She would turn to the man she loves more than anything—if he were free to love her in return. 

Phillip Morrison’s life turned upside down the moment he met Carly. Everything he thought was right turned out to be the exact opposite. He has to make a lot of choices but, one thing is clear: he loves Carly and he has to find a way to claim her. 

Chaos runs wild through their lives, and just when it looks like they have a chance to be together—fate has other plans.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Suspense

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Language: English

Keywords: espionage, spy, traitor, second chance, military, FBI

Word Count: 16,000

Sales info:

This is the first book in a new series of short contemporary suspense books. It is doing fairly well and sales look good. It was just released at the beginning of April 2017.

Sample text:

He clenched his hands into fists at his side. She didn’t understand and he couldn’t explain it to her. His desire licked at him like a fire on the edge of exploding. She was what fueled it and the closer she was the hotter it burned. There wasn’t much breathing room between his desire and good intentions. It wouldn’t be long before the flames burned through his resolve and he gave in.

Slowly he turned and glanced down at her. Immediately his focus went to her full lips. The need to taste them ignited sending a new wave of heat flaring through him. Carly opened her mouth and swiped her tongue across her lips. Phil barely restrained a groan. He had to put himself out of his misery. Maybe a cold shower would help…

“If you’re not going to use the shower, I’m going to.” Phil stepped past her and headed toward the closet to grab a towel. He whipped open the door and grabbed the first one his hand landed on, then stepped into the bathroom. Just as he was about to shut the door Carly lifted her hand to stop him.

“What is going on with you?” She tilted her head and studied him.

He didn’t want her too close to him or he might do something foolish. A cold shower would help him gain control of his need for her. At least he hoped so. The idea of her being hurt put him on edge and it was harder for him to control what he wanted. She was all he thought about every second of the day. When he looked into her eyes he saw his future and the hope for happiness. He didn’t want to use her body to sate his needs—he wanted it all with her—love, family, and the promise of forever.

“I’m fine,” he said as reassuringly as he could muster. “It’s been a long day.”


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Already translated. Translated by Nneka Chigbo
Already translated. Translated by Mirela Omeragic

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