The Wedding Chapel by Caroline Mickelson

A traditional romance novella (32.5K words)

The wedding chapel

Having worked in a Las Vegas Wedding Chapel for many years, Bella Johnson thought she’d seen it all when it came to spur of the moment weddings. Until the morning when she woke up in bed with a handsome and charming Brit she’d met only the day before who claimed they were now married. Neither Bella nor Colin had any recollection of saying ‘I do’, although their respective grandparents assured them they’d done just that. As she and her new husband worked together to discover the truth, Bella learned that the truth was a tricky thing because what her mind hoped they’d discover was not at all what her heart wanted.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / General

Language: English


Word Count: 32,500

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The Wedding Chapel is a new late 2014 release so sales ranking and review information will be uploaded as it becomes available.

Sample text:

       “If that’s another past due notice, Grandpa, you can just turn around and go out the way you came in.” Bella Johnson tossed her pencil down on top of the pad she’d just been scrawling figures in. She eyed the stack of mail in her grandfather’s hand. “I don’t want those envelopes anywhere near my desk. Unless you think one of them might contain a check?”

           “Sorry, sugar plum, no sign of incoming currency in these.” Clive Johnson, the seventy-two year old founder and owner of the Hopeful Hearts Wedding Chapel, tossed the white envelopes on his granddaughter’s desk. He dropped a quick kiss on the top of her head and then smiled an optimistic smile. “But remember, this is Las Vegas and our luck’s bound to change at any moment.”

            “Precisely what I’m afraid of,” Bella said. She ignored the new bills. They could just wait in line behind the other requests for payment from local florists, photographers, and assorted wedding vendors.  “Next I’m afraid you’re going to tell me that our new Elvis has gained weight and can’t fit into his jumpsuit.”

            “Okay, so I won’t tell you that I saw him at the ice cream shop around the corner. My word, the man appears to love fudge sauce.”

            Bella couldn’t keep a smile from her face.

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