The Wallflower's Christmas Wish by Cheryl Bolen

Can Bath’s most eligible bachelor ever be attracted to the plain spinster who’s painting his portrait?

The wallflower's christmas wish

At the age of four and twenty, Miss Diana Furness is a confirmed spinster. Not only is she possessed of a nondescript appearance, but a stepmother with two daughters to launch has convinced Diana that she is inconsequential. Only one thing has ever given her joy: her uncommon artistic talents.


The marriages, one by one, of his lifelong circle of friends has left Sir Elvin Steffington feeling most bereft. Even his siblings have wed. Perhaps it’s time for him to join their ranks. The problem is, there doesn’t seem to be a single beauty left in Bath for him to woo. Added to that dilemma, his sister, who’s married and moved off to Yorkshire, has begged him to send her his portrait as her Christmas present. He bloody well does not want to pose for a portrait, but his love for his sister wins.


A chance encounter convinces him the exceedingly plain Miss Furness is the only person in Bath capable of painting his portrait, but he must first convince this talented amateur. After bribing the stepmother, Elvin and Diana are thrown together on a daily basis while he poses for the portrait. This closeness reveals there’s much more to the plain spinster than her wallflower persona. Would it be possible for him to fall in love with a woman so vastly different from any woman to whom he’s ever been attracted? Could an intelligent woman like her even be attracted to a sport-mad man such as he?

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Regency

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Holidays

Language: English

Keywords: Christmas, holiday, short, Georgette Heyer, Jane Austen, Julia Quinn, ugly duckling, wallflower, spinster, titled hero

Word Count: 21,400

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USA Today bestseller, NY Times bestseller, Amazon all star,


Sample text:

“I’m going to get married.” Sir Elvin Steffington had never in his nine-and-twenty years uttered such a statement.

            His twin looked up from the desk where he’d been surveying a stack of papers, his eyes wide. “I didn’t even know you had formed an attachment to a lady.”

            “Oh, I haven’t.”

            Melvin looked perplexed. “I’ve always deferred to your superior experience where women are concerned, but does one not wish to marry after one has found a prospective mate one cannot live without?”

            “I may have a great deal of experience with those of the opposite gender, but I have no experience with women whom I cannot live without.” Elvin frowned.

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