The Viking (Episode 2) ~ Wulf by Bambi Lynn

Will Farin's growing affection for her master’s friend get in the way of the revenge she has planned?

The viking (episode 2) ~ wulf

When her village is overrun by vicious barbarians from the north, Farin becomes a bed slave to the most savage of them all. 

After losing his wife and infant son, Wulf let his friends convince him to give up the life of a simple farmer and become a raider under the leadership of Gunnar Sigurdsen. Now they’ve captured a stronghold in Francia, fat with treasure and slaves.

One slave in particular, a haunting image of Wulf’s wife, threatens to drive a wedge between him and his friend, a breech he cannot afford.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Historical

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Erotica

Language: English

Keywords: viking, erotic romance, captive, bdsm, medieval Romance, Viking Romance, Fantasy Romance

Word Count: 8,900

Sales info:

This book as reached the Top 10 in Ancient World Romance.

Sample text:

Farin lay sprawled across her master’s lap. Her hands were bound behind her back, elbows bent and secured at an uncomfortable angle to leave her buttocks exposed for the brutal Norseman’s pleasure. Thrust into the air as they were, her tender cheeks were soothed by the cool air inside the stable. But the reprieve was to be short lived.

With biting fingers gripping her neck from behind, Arik the Cruel brought his other palm down on her arse with a loud smack. Then again and again, brutalizing her already burning flesh.

Furious tears stung her eyes. She hated him. Him and all his kind.

Halting his battering of her tender buttocks, Arik fingered her womanhood. Her lips, swollen and sensitive, tingled with perverse pleasure. She swallowed against the collar around her neck that marked her his slave. Nudging her legs apart, he spread her open and stroked her slit, rubbing moisture on the tight nub that throbbed against his fingers.

Without warning, he pulled his hand back and brought it down on her searing flesh. Farin bit into her lip to keep from crying out. He alternately smacked her arse and stroked her womanhood over and over until she was squirming against his thighs.

She bit down harder until she tasted blood. She would not come. She refused to, no matter that her body betrayed her at every turn. Her dignity was all she had left.

During the sennight since the pagan bastards had overrun the stronghold, she had been subjected to more humiliation than ever before. She had foolishly thought the previous lord was an ogre after one of his men lured her off the streets of Paris only to thrust her into a different kind of hell. But these heathens from the North—

She yelped when he shoved her off his lap. She landed hard amidst the straw strewn about the earthen floor. Drawing up her knees, she curled into a ball, anticipating a swift kick from his boot-encased foot. 

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Fabielle is super fast and her translations are spot on. So great to work with!
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Very easy to work with. Super fast.

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