The Vegetarian Life by Owen Jones

A way to help save humanity...

Some aspects of what it means to be a vegetarian.

The vegetarian life

Vegetarianism has been a culinary philosophy for thousands of years, but not so much in the West, until it started to make a comeback in the early Twentieth century. It was taken on board by the Hippy Movement in the Sixties and Seventies, because any of them drew inspiration from the East and in particular Buddhism. The children of those hippies often continued the lifestyle imbued in them by their parents, and have now passed it on to their own children. Nowadays, very few towns, no matter how small, are without a vegetarian restaurant.

This is not a recipe book, although it does discuss vegetarian food and does give a few example recipes. It is really for those who want to know more about vegetarianism, perhaps in order to better understand the movement or their vegetarian friends and family members.

I hope that you will find the information helpful, useful and profitable.

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Being a Vegetarian - Pros And Cons

If you are considering becoming a vegetarian, then you must be asking yourself about the pros and cons of doing so. There are different ways of looking at this. On the macro or global scale, you as an individual, by giving up eating meat, will personally save the lives and suffering of all the animals that you would have consumed, if you had not given up.

On the other hand, a few hundred animals over quite a few years will not make much difference to the animal population. What is more, with the Chinese and Indian populations becoming richer, it is almost certain that they will be eating more and more meat in the near future. You will be doing your piece though.

However, on the micro, or personal level, becoming a vegetarian will alter your life. Those who have faith in detox diets say that lots of the toxins that they say mount up in our bodies come from the hormones, pesticides and antibiotics that are in meat but ought not to be.

Meat, eggs and dairy products are a Westerner’s foremost sources of cholesterol and fat but cholesterol and fat are blamed for being the main contributor to the west's biggest killer - heart disease.

It is a fact that there are other reasons for heart disease, yet it has been estimated that vegetarians have about a quarter of their meat-eating compatriots' chances of having a heart attack. This seems noteworthy, but the difference between vegans and meat-eaters is even more stark at one tenth the likelihood.


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