The Unforeseen II by Kaan Kara

The Chaos

Second book of "The Unforeseen" series.

The unforeseen ii

A new adventure worth to be known. The fantasy story that started in the Purgatory continues in the Hell.

Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / Epic

Language: English

Keywords: hell, heaven, hitler, nazi, angel, demon, satan, war, clash, sword, purgatory, devil, god

Word Count: 42788

Sample text:

And the door opened. At the same time, it was as if I had took off VR glasses that I didn't know since when I was wearing them. All abstraction was lost, I found myself inside the reality. The door that was opened, that door that should have been special to me was right behind me. I didn't open it; someone who was allowed didn't do it either. Three people came in; three intruders. I didn't know how I was so aware of everything. My bare feet were touching the wooden floor. The floor was simple, but hot and that wasn't strange. It was also normal that my feet had a reddish color. They were not shiny, like the rest of my skin. There was a stamp or tattoo on my left arm near my shoulder: "7" I didn't have to look, I knew. It didn't matter when or by whom it was made. I was on the seventh floor, I was in Hell. All the things I saw until my door opened were actually my punishment. I discovered and seized everything in the same second.

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Already translated. Translated by Francisco Guerrero

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