The Third Thaw by Karl J. Hanson

The Third Thaw Trilogy - Book 1

Teenagers, sent as frozen embryos to another planet, raised by robots

The third thaw

Mankind forced to relocate to a different habitable environment, light years from Earth. A group of young people on a distant planet who must re-establish human civilization. A fantastical yet realistic world based on plausible technological developments. A power-mad egomaniac determined to destroy anyone who gets in his way. This is The Third Thaw, a hard science fiction novel that presents a radically different strategy for planet colonization, one within the grasp of present technologies.

In a settlement called New Eden, live a group of teens known as the Third Thaw. They come from Earth, conceived there and sent as frozen embryos on a rocket ship to this planet twenty-six light years away, a journey that lasted 80,000 years.

When they reach the age of twenty-one, after being thoroughly and specifically educated for their future tasks, the Third Thaw must leave New Eden to assist with colonizing a larger, permanent settlement on the planet.

After the First and Second Thaws fail to complete their expeditions, it's up to the Third Thaw to succeed and save civilization.

As the highly-trained expedition party heads out to fulfill their tasks, they encounter life-threatening obstacles in their way, many of which challenged the Thaws that preceded them.

Not the least of these is a group broken off from a German colony sent from Earth years earlier. This group and their leader, Ulrich, believe they are evolved beyond ordinary humans.

Ulrich, along with his supercomputer "Genius," is determined to destroy the Third Thaw. And anyone else who threatens to stop him.

Genre: FICTION / Science Fiction / Adventure

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Action & Adventure

Language: English

Keywords: Asteroids, interstellar space travel, robots, German, frozen embryos raised by robots, earth hit by asteroid, frozen embroyos, Planet K851b, future settlement on another planet, artificial intelligience, AI, reconstructing civiilization, hard science fiction, science based science fiction, realistic science fiction, civilization on another planet, colonizing another planet, destruction of earth by asteroid, earth hit by comet, destruction of earth by comet, prehistoric life, evolution, science adventure, genetic engineering, space adventure

Word Count: 102000

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Sample text:

After witnessing Fritz’s execution, they were ordered back to the gray building which had become their jail.

Still in a state of shock, Horst approached Sigmund. “We’re not going to make it out of here alive, are we?”

“Nein,” [no] said Sigmund, biting his lower lip. “I am afraid that Ulrich will now be forced to kill us. We witnessed him murdering Fritz. I have known Fritz his entire life! He was my friend—my best friend, in fact—and my work partner. He is married and has two children! What a senseless death!

“I never imagined that Ulrich was capable of such brutality. I never imagined it, that he could actually kill someone. This is the first murder in the history of this planet.”

“Was he like this back in New Munich?” asked Horst.

“No, I would have never called him ‘evil,’” said Sigmund. “He was certainly annoying. Apparently, in the past five years he has changed.”

For several minutes, they sat deep in thought, analyzing the situation. Finally, Sigmund said, “I’m trying to look at things from Ulrich’s vantage point. If he stages our death, saying that we died in a plane crash to this place, then who will question him in New Munich?”

“Nobody,” replied Horst.

“He will be returning to New Munich, leading his army of robots. The robots will do anything he commands them to do. It will be his ultimate game-play, satisfying his lust for power. He can march into New Munich, either peacefully or forcefully. In either scenario, he will expect to be the new leader, if I am eliminated.”


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Already translated. Translated by Tomas Ibarra Cervantes
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Tomas did a wonderful job translating "The Third Thaw" into Spanish. He was very easy and quick for me to work with. It was a pleasure.

(Just a word of note to authors: You will need to go through the final submission steps after the translated manuscript is returned to you! This is something I did not quite understand, which delayed publication.)

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