The Suffering of Innocents by Marc Zirogiannis

The Suffering of Innocents looks at the age old question posed in the Old Testament's Book of Job, ""Why do innocents suffer?

The suffering of innocents

Sam and Laura Job have the perfect life. They have a wonderful marriage. Beautiful children. Two great careers. They have a beautiful house in the suburbs. The Jobs are bestowed with all the blessings modern life has to offer. Their life was idyllic until a moment of tragedy changed everything for them, forever. As their family tries to rebuild after this life-altering calamity they struggle to define their relationships with themselves, their relationships with each other and their relationship with God. The Suffering of Innocents looks at the age old question posed in the Old Testament's Book of Job, ""Why do innocents suffer?

Genre: FICTION / Family Life

Language: English

Keywords: JOB, Suffering, Old Testament, Christian Life, Faith

Word Count: 19000

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Sample text:

“Why Do The Righteous Suffer?” (The Book of Job)

Sam Job awoke that morning, as he did most mornings, filled with hope and joy.  While he didn’t always say the words out loud, or even to himself, his mindset was one of genuine appreciation. 

“Thank you Lord for all you have given me.  Thanks you for my beautiful wife, my wonderful children.  Thank you for our health and relative prosperity.  Thank you for my success.”

For Sam these were not just empty words. He really was thankful.  He had met his wife, Laura, in college.  There was an instant chemistry between them, although she played “hard to get” for a long time before breaking down and going on a dinner date with him.  That was the night that started it all. 

Now, twenty-five years later, they were married with three children, a house in the suburbs, and two flourishing careers.  Most importantly, they were still very much in love with each other.  They still found ways to make each other laugh.  They still found time for romantic intimacy.  For Sam his passion for Laura got even stronger over the years.  The more he loved her the more he desired her.  He knew she was aware of it.  He probably loved and desired her more than she him.  That was okay by him.

This morning, like he did every Tuesday, it was his turn to drop off and pick up the twins from daycare.  Tuesday was always Laura’s longest day of the workweek.  Sam had somewhat more flexibility in his work schedule.  The law firm where he worked for the past eight years never gave him a hard time about his family obligations.  He was a beloved member of the firm.  Everyone at his office knew Tuesday was his day for the kids.

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