The Shining City by Joan Fallon

Exotic, romantic, and rich with historical detail

The shining city

Exotic, romantic, and rich with historical detail, The Shining City is a timeless story of love, family, and the unexpected consequences of our actions. Set in 10th century Spain, in the time of the Moorish occupation, it is, above all, a story of love and honour.

It is the year 947 AD. The Moors have conquered Spain and the country is at peace. The caliph decides to build a new city and people flock from all over the country to live and work there, among them Qasim the potter and his family. But Qasim has a secret; his past is not what it seems.  When a stranger arrives asking questions about him, he realises that all he has worked for could be destroyed. He has to keep a low profile. But his youngest son, Omar, has other ideas - he has fallen in love with the Caliph’s new concubine. His hot-headed actions lead to far-reaching consequences for all his family.

Genre: FICTION / Historical

Language: English

Keywords: medieval, Spain, Moorish Spain, love, intrigue, Omayyad dynasty, Pillars of the Earth

Word Count: 114,060

Sales info:

The Amazon ranking is #1045 in Books > Fiction > Romance > Historical Romance > Medieval

It has been selling steadily since its publication in 2014 and sales have increased since Books 2 and 3 were published.

Sample text:

Omar could hardly believe his eyes.  He was walking through the market, on the way back from the apothecary with his friend Yusuf, when he saw her.  It was a mere glimpse but a glimpse of such beauty that it took his breath away.  He thought it must be the sunshine playing tricks with his eyes.

‘Allah be praised, did you see that girl?’ he asked Yusuf.

‘The slave girl?’

‘Yes.  What a beauty.’

‘Do not even consider it.  You know who that is that’s just bought her?  The keeper of the Khalifa’s harem.  So forget it.  You’ll never see her again.  Which is just as well because the Khalifa doesn’t like men to lust after his women.’

Omar could not reply; he was struck dumb by her beauty.  He couldn’t get the vision of her loveliness out of his head.’

‘I have to meet her.’

‘Aren’t you listening to me?  That’s the craziest thing I have ever heard you say and you’ve said some crazy things in your time.’

Omar was taking no notice; all he could think about was how was he going to arrange to meet her.

‘Anyway I thought you were betrothed to some girl in Córdoba?’ Yusuf asked.



‘So what?’

‘Well you can’t go round looking at slave girls if you’re about to get married,’ his friend said, rather pompously.

Omar looked at his friend.  Yusuf had become unbearable since the date had been set for his own wedding.  He seemed to have turned into an old man overnight.

‘I don’t see why not; I’m not married to her.’

‘But you will be soon.’

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Already translated. Translated by Chiara Pappalardo
Author review:
Chiara is a meticulous worker. She finished the translation under time, proofread it and through the whole process, checked with me to clarify points that were not clear. Highly recommended.
Already translated. Translated by Evelyn T M Martins
Author review:
On time as usual. Great work

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