The Seeds Will Sprout Somewhere by Ulrike Maria

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The seeds will sprout somewhere

I've been thinking about balance in my writings during this eventful year. I looked through the manuscript of my new, upcoming book to see what subjects I might have been neglecting; what work still needed to be done.
I didn't keep a specific topic in mind when I wrote every day, I only wrote about what was in my thoughts, heart, and about issues that came up on a daily basis. Just like in everyone else's life I have to deal with my experiences as they come along.
This booklet is the compilation of thoughts I entertained during this time and diligently worked on understanding those ideas and concepts. I want to share these mind-seeds with you, so they can sprout in fertile ground. Nurture them well - they will change your life!

Genre: SELF-HELP / General

Secondary Genre: RELIGION / General

Language: English


Word Count: 7,900

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It is the second of a series of inspirational quote booklets. Great small gift for family and friends.

Sample text:

"Life is an adventure. Every day something new emerges, something else to solve or handle. Don't forget to enjoy the process. Turn challenges into possibilities. Let common sense, kindness, and love guide you."

“All positive affirmations will not help you unless you act on them. Application is the key. You have to walk the talk.”
"If Universal love was practiced by everyone, even to a small degree, we would not see the suffering that we see on this plane today. We all would be charitable entities."

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Already translated. Translated by lara carpinelli
Author review:
Lara was very proactive and easy to work with. Great job!
Already translated. Translated by Carolina Paula Giordana
Author review:
It was really good working with Carolina. She was professional and kind. Great job!
Translation in progress. Translated by Ann Kapborg and Annika Abrahamsson

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