The Search by Lorhainne Eckhart

The Search, A Fallen Hero to The Awakening bridge short story (Andy, Jed & Diana)

The search

The Search, A Fallen Hero to The Awakening bridge short story (Andy, Jed & Diana)

In THE SEARCH, after Jed goes missing, Diana is desperate and calls the one man she knows she shouldn’t, Jed’s cousin Andy.

But when a very pregnant Diana follows Andy on the Search for her husband early labor sets in and Andy may have taken on more than he can handle.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Short Stories

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Sagas

Language: English

Keywords: contemporary women parent & children, possessive alpha male, love triangle romance ebooks, mother and child romance, westerns women horses romance, possessive alpha male romance, big family romance series, small town romance series

Word Count: 7700

Sales info:

The first book of the series sold over 500,000 copies worldwide. The first two books are under contract for French and German translation with Amazon Crossing, but are available for translation in all other languages.  This series has spent numerous times in the top 100 on Amazon and is available for sale at all retailers.

**Please note: All Translators must be part of an actual team which includes an editor and proofreader, do not use a proofreading program.  Also the translator/team will need to collaborate with me to market and promote for that region, including assisting with translation of language specific newsletter, social media promotion which will include using quotes/ quote pics and teasers from the book for promotion. The success of my books to date has everything to do with my strong marketing platform.

Sample text:

“So what has he gone and done now?”

Andy Friessen lounged in the deep leather chair, his feet propped on his desk. Pete Jarvis, a short, squat man the same age as Andy, stood in the deep confines of the library. He held a baseball cap in his hands and cleared his throat roughly before responding.

“Your father has been seeing Jodie, my sister. Andy, we’ve known each other a long time, and I’m grateful for the job of mall administrator, and I work hard for you. But I do not want Jodie driven from town when Todd Friessen decides he’s done with her.” The man was trembling and cleared his throat again, squeezing the brim of his hat until it bent.

Andy put the empty crystal glass down after swallowing the finger of bourbon. It burned sourly sliding down, and he was irritated; his father still couldn’t keep his pants zipped. He scowled bitterly and groaned, putting his booted feet on the floor and striding to the large mahogany-trimmed window.

Spring was well under way, and the gardeners and landscapers were busy, mowing, raking, trimming, and pruning—preparing the gardens that were scattered over the large estate to bloom in a splendor of colors.

“Jodie’s the older one?” He didn’t turn around. He couldn’t remember how many sisters Pete had. He’d always liked Pete in school; the boy had been a geek, excelling at the top of his class, and he came from a large, local family with, Andy remembered, five or six kids. What he did know was that Pete was the only boy.

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Already translated. Translated by Cláudio Porto Ribeiro

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