The Sceptic by Prasenjeet Kumar

The Sceptic Who Loved To Bust Ghosts....

The sceptic

The Sceptic Who Loved To Bust Ghosts....

His friends called him the Perennial Sceptic—with a capital “S.”

At 31, Rajveer found himself in the weirdest of professions.

Working in a Discovery Channel show called “The Sceptic Investigator,” his main job was to debunk ghost stories.

Till one day, he received a rather mysterious e-mail from some Sara Williams, the owner of a quaint British-era hotel called The Osborne House in Landour, Mussoorie, India.

Sara mentioned that no tourist wanted to visit her hotel because some customers complained of experiencing paranormal activities there. She requested Rajveer to come to Landour to put an end to those mischievous ghost stories.

For some strange reason, Rajveer is happy to accept the invitation setting off a weird chain of events. And guess what does he discover this time?

Follow the Sceptic’s journey as Rajveer tries to figure out what is life, what is afterlife, what is real, what is mysterious, what is logical, and what is impossible to explain, and above all, what is love.

If you love Ruskin Bond and Nicholas Sparks, you will fall in love with The Sceptic too.

Genre: FICTION / Ghost

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Literary

Language: English

Keywords: clean and wholesome romance, multicultural romance, sweet romance literary, romance indian authors, indian fiction, south asian romance, bollywood fiction, bollywood romance, ghost stories

Word Count: 17,000 words

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Sample text:


His friends called him the Perennial Sceptic—with a capital “S.”

Rajveer Singh had no problems with the epithet, because no doubt he was a born sceptic. But perennial? Ah, he would have preferred the qualifier “wandering” as that would have described his inclinations even better—one who wanders around-the-world proving his sceptic nature.

To whom? Well … most of the time to himself!

At 31, Rajveer found himself in the weirdest of professions. But he wasn’t complaining, as long as his wanderlust was taken care of. He didn’t think he was cut out for any job that required him to sit behind a huge desk, even if it were the highest paying job in the world in the swankiest of offices.

But that didn’t mean he had to look dishevelled going around in jeans torn at strategic places. His French goatee had to be trimmed perfectly. He had to exercise regularly to keep himself lean and fit. And he had to wear the best of bespoke suits, something … that he thought kind of went well with his weird profession.

“What do you do for a living, son?” Whenever the question was thrown at him, his jaw would freeze just for a while. Which invited even more stares. And a few raised eyebrows.

Rajveer had to choose his words carefully making his silence eerier than he intended it to be. He would start by saying, “I’m a clinical investigator of para-normal phenomena.” But when that elicited a confused, puzzled “Eh?” he would give up and blurt out, “Actually … I bust ghosts for a living.”

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