The Road to You by Piper Lennox

A compelling and steamy road-trip romance.

The road to you

Tonight can be something incredible. 

The day of her father’s funeral, a few things happen that Lila Ashbury doesn’t expect. 

First, she ugly-cries. Her ex talks her into one more afternoon fling. 

And the biggest bombshell of them all: she’s adopted. 

An old letter leads Lila to an abandoned house. Restless and determined to learn who her mother was—who she is—Lila steps inside. What she’ll find on the other side of that door, she can only guess. 

A shirtless guy throwing a clock at her head definitely isn’t it.

* * * 

Great things were expected from Shepherd Jones. He was supposed to herd the flock, like his pastor father. Become a fisher of men. 

Things didn’t go as planned. 

Fifteen months clean from the addiction that nearly killed him, Shepherd still harbors a deep shame for the guy he used to be. Ever since his landlady disappeared, he’s gotten used to living alone. 

If he isn’t close to anyone, he can’t hurt anyone. It’s simple. 

Until Lila Ashbury…Kathryn Davidson…whatever her name is…sneaks into his bedroom. 

* * * 

Lila wants answers. Shepherd wants a fresh start. Their road trip to find her missing mother is all business. 

But it’s a long road to Houston, and there’s no telling if the turns along the way will bring them together…or tear them apart.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / General

Language: English

Keywords: road trip romance, realistic romance, new adult romance, adoption, addiction, steamy romance

Word Count: 60,000

Sales info:

Since its publication in early March, The Road to You has sold 17 copies and garnered over 6,000 page reads on Amazon and KU.  It recently received a new cover.  I do not currently advertise this novel, but hope to increase that soon.  Its ranking spikes every time I release a new novel.

Sample text:

“This is from Tillie?”

I nod.

“To you.”

“Yes.”  Finally, the words surface: “It was in a file, at this adoption agency.”

Now, he takes the letter.  My hand feels strange without it.

“Kathryn,” he says, skimming the contents again.  He shoots me a look.  “So your name is Kathryn, and you’re Tillie’s daughter?”

“Yes.  Well, no—my name is Lila.”  My throat feels scorched.  I tuck my hair behind my ear and shrug, as if I can make this whole situation smaller, easier to handle.  “My parents must have changed it.  My adoptive parents, I mean.”  I look around the kitchen.  “So...she left?”

“Yeah.  About six months ago.”  His face is softer now, a look I recognize: he feels sorry for me.  Maybe it’s because he’s a stranger (or because I just watched him fall down a flight of stairs), but pity doesn’t feel quite so humiliating, coming from him.  “Tillie never told me she had a kid.”

“Yeah, well, my parents never told me I was adopted.”  It’s only when he snorts that I realize I’ve made a joke.

He presses the toilet paper against his cut, then pulls it back to gauge the blood loss.  “I wish I could help you out, Kathryn, but—”


“Lila.  Right.”  Blood trickles towards his eyebrow, but I don’t mention it.  He clearly doesn’t want my help.  “I have no idea where Tillie is.  She didn’t warn me she was leaving, didn’t leave a note, nothing.  Sorry.”

Book translation status:

The book is available for translation into any language except those listed below:

Already translated. Translated by Erika Arcoleo
Author review:
Erika did an absolutely wonderful job translating my novel; excited for all our future projects together. Highly recommend her services!
Already translated. Translated by João Souza
Author review:
João is a talented translator, prompt in replies and wonderful to work with :)
Already translated. Translated by Paola Paz
Author review:
Paola was prompt, a quick and clear communicator, and great to work with. A+ translation experience!

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